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Atheists: The Origin of the Species

Join Nick Spencer and the Theos team for an evening of discussion about Nick's new book: Atheists: The Origin of the Species


How to think about religious freedom

Nick Spencer cuts through the complexities of religion and law to give a clear and judicious overview of what is at stake.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you engage with all religions?

Theos comes from a Christian perspective and has a particular interest in Christianity and so most of our work is done in this area. However, many of our arguments and findings relate to religion more generally, and we do look at and work with other religious traditions.


What are your values?

Theos does not have corporate policy positions, but – like all think tanks - we do have a set of values, a worldview, that shapes our approach to research and cultural engagement. Theos subscribes to the historic creeds and formularies of the Christian faith.

Are you evangelical or liberal?

The terms evangelical and liberal can be emotive and are often misunderstood. Theos is inter-confessional. We are Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant. We employ people, are advised by and draw on thinking from across different denominations and traditions, and work with people from other faiths and none. 

How are you funded?

Theos has a wide range of clients, including Parliamentarians, not-for-profit and commercial organisations. In addition to this income, Theos receives a grant from Bible Society (and sits under the charitable umbrella of Bible Society Group), as well as support from Associates and Friends, other charities, trusts and individuals. Theos recieves no government or corporate funding. 

How is Theos structured?

The Director of Theos is responsible for other paid staff, and a Board of Management oversees the work of the Director. In addition, an Advisory Group, comprising experts from a range of strategic fields, provides Theos with ongoing help and advice.

Can people or organisations join Theos?

Theos is not a membership-based organisation, but individuals and organisations can sign up as Theos Friends for as little as £60 per year. For further information about this Friends' programme, click here.