Doing Good Better: The Case for Faith-based Social Innovation

This report examines how faith organisations are responding to social need in innovative ways, and asks what can be learnt from them.

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Genes, Determinism and God

Denis Alexander discusses the challenges of behavioural genetics for faith

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The Christian roots of liberal values

20th March 2017

With liberal values on the back foot, it’s time to look at the roots of the worldview we have taken for granted. 

Nick Spencer and Theo Hobson have both recently written books about Christianity’s influence on Western values, and the secular ideals of human rights and social justice. In different ways, they both call for a fresh understanding of the relationship of Christianity and secular humanism.

Join Nick and Theo for an evening discussing this crucial topic.

The Chair is Professor Grace Davie.

Nick Spencer is author of The Evolution of the West: How Christianity Has Shaped our Values (2016). 

Theo Hobson is author of God Created Humanism: The Christian Basis of Secular Values (2017).

Monday 20th March 2017

Theos office
77 Great Peter Street

6.30pm for 7pm start

Theos Students, Friends and Associates: Free

General admission: £7.00 + £0.89 administration fee

Concessions and Students: £5.00 + £0.80 administration fee

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