The Mighty and the Almighty: How Political Leaders Do God

A book exploring how different Christian politicians have used (and abused) religion in their politics. Read the introduction online here.

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Genes, Determinism and God

Denis Alexander discusses the challenges of behavioural genetics for faith

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How Can Churches 'Do Good' Better?

3rd April 2017

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We know that churches and faith-based organisations have a reputation for 'doing good', but are there ways they could 'do good, better'?

Social innovation is the idea that there are ways churches and faith-based organisations can and should look to have a greater social impact.

Paul Bickley, who leads Theos' political programme, visits a Church in Stoke-on-Trent that's running a new kind of refugee drop-in, which goes beyond just food banks. It might have the answers of what Churches should be doing to face challenges of the modern world without a lot of money or resources.

This podcast is a preview of our upcoming report on Churches and social innovation, which will be released later this year.

Image by SplitShare from available in the public domain