Mapping Chaplaincy in Norfolk: A Report

Chaplains are increasingly the face of public religion. This report explores the chaplaincy landscape in Norfolk.

Forthcoming Events

Fiction or Gospel truth: can good stories tell a godly story?

Dr Paula Gooder and George Pitcher will discuss the nature and purpose of story-telling, from the gospels to contemporary fiction, in an attempt to illuminate the relationship between truth and fiction.

Religion in the Media

Accused of heresy: Pastors praying for Trump

17th July 2017

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Laying hands on someone is a particularly intimate act for Evangelicals, communing with people and with God at the same time. As The Post's Sarah Pulliam Bailey wrote: Jesus' apostles in the New Testament would touch believers. It's seen as a sign of responsibility or authority. Many Christians lay hands on those who are being ordained in the church.

But things start to get dodgy when the practice is brought out of the church and into, well, the Oval Office.

Cleve R. Wootson Jr | Read the full article at Independent

Image by Gage Skidmore from Flickr available under this Creative Commons Licence