That they all may be one: Insights into English ecumenism

This report explores ecumenism in England. It focuses on Churches Together in England, identifying its strengths and the challenges it faces.

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Fiction or Gospel truth: can good stories tell a godly story?

Dr Paula Gooder and George Pitcher will discuss the nature and purpose of story-telling and the relationship between truth and fiction

Religion in the Media

Learning about religion is crucial to a balanced education

20th September 2017

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Who needs religious education? It’s all myths and legends – about virgins giving birth, and a snake in a garden, right? Irrelevant in today’s society. Best avoided – or at least, sidelined as much as possible.

Whether deliberate or not, this is what appears to be happening in secondary schools, where RE is on the decline. According to a new survey, up to a quarter of schools are failing to teach it – despite legally being obliged to do so as part of providing a balanced curriculum.

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