Just Money: How Catholic Social Teaching can Redeem Capitalism

Clifford Longley lays out a fresh approach to economics based on Catholic Social Teaching

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The Challenges of Religious Diversity

Professor Roger Trigg on how we navigate our plural society

Why the West is different

Nick Spencer discusses Larry Siedentop's recent book on Christianity and the origins of Western liberalism.

Welfare and moral community

Nick Spencer argues that 'needs' based welfare is morally demanding and requires a strong sense of 'us'.

Suicide and Secular Reasoning

Nick Spencer reviews a passionate plea against suicide and asks what constitutes a 'secular' reason.

What's faith got to do with welfare?

Nick Spencer spoke at the Faiths and Civil Society at Goldsmiths, University of London on the connection between 'faith' and 'welfare'

Making Connections: the future of our sacred spaces

Nick Spencer recently gave The Jessica Jacob Memorial Lecture 2013 at the Cathedrals Plus Conference in Winchester.

The role of faith leaders in modern Britain

Zaki Cooper and Paul Woolley reflect on a landmark year for faith leaders.

Christianity and the future of Welfare

Nick Spencer's talk at a fringe meeting at General Synod on welfare and welfare reform

Is Secular Law possible?

David McIlroy asks whether law can ever truly be 'secular'

Does Establishment have a Future?

Lord Mackay delivers the Richard O’Sullivan Lecture for the 50th anniversary of Law and Justice

How Christianity shaped our politics for the better

Nick Spencer's lecture to the Iona Institute on the enormous debt the political West owes Christianity

What role for Christianity in 21st century politics?

Nick Spencer delivered a talk to the think tank Skaperkraft in Oslo, February 2013 on the future of 'Christian politics'

Christianity and Democracy: Friend and Foe

Nick Spencer delivered several lectures at Kings College London recently as part of their series ‘Christianity and the Making of Britain’. Read his lecture 'Christianity and Democracy: Friend and Foe' here.

Courts and Conscience: Where next for Religious Freedom?

Theos guest contributor Natalie Williams sums up the Theos panel debate 'Courts and Conscience: Where next for Religious Freedom?'

Violence against women prompts a religious challenge

Violence against women is not limited to India. It is a universal phenomenon across cultures. And much of the blame for perverse attitudes towards women falls squarely on the shoulders of major religions - The Times

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