That they all may be one: Insights into English ecumenism

This report explores ecumenism in England. It focuses on Churches Together in England, identifying its strengths and the challenges it faces.

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Papal Encyclical

In this blog series we explore the implications of Pope Francis' encyclical on climate change, Laudato Si. Read the encyclical in full here.

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Laudato Si’: Three commendations and a criticism

Theos' Nick Spencer commends Laudato Si - but offers an important criticism

Climate change and inequality is worsening. It is time to act

Bishop Richard Cheetham sets out radical responses to climate change

Environmentalists: stop being embarrassed about values

We don't need environmentalists to become religious, nor religions to become scientists; but we need a combined effort says Oliver Smith

Laudato Si: not far enough on population growth

Bishop Graham Usher praises the Encyclical but argues it doesn't engage enough with the problem of population growth

Protecting our Common Home for the Common Good

David Nussbaum, CEO of WWF-UK, shows that Laudato Si is all about the common good and justice

Laudato Si: wisdom shared across faith traditions

Brian Cuthbertson perceives in the Papal Encyclical an openness to partnership with different traditions in defence of the environment

Whatever would Galileo have thought?

Bishop David Atkinson argues that Pope Francis' encyclical has pulled the rug from under political inertia on climate change

Enlivening a dreary environmental debate

Ben Ryan argues that it is the analysis of what it is to be human in Laudato Si' that elevates a dreary environmental debate

Laudato Si: its orthodoxy is its strength

Claire Foster-Gilbert shows that Pope Francis has provided a basis for making concern for the environment core to Christian theology

Laudato Si: a hard message that must be taken seriously

Mary Colwell argues that Laudato Si is not just another document on climate change, but a demand for a new relationship with nature

Elizabeth Oldfield responds to the Papal Encyclical

Theos' Director Elizabeth Oldfield responds to the Papal Encyclical on climate change. Here we gather her tweeted thoughts

The Pope and the Planet: waiting for Francis

Ian Christie discusses the pre-emptive reception of Pope Francis' climate change encyclical

Is Climate Change a moral issue? Is the Pope Catholic?

In our first blog of this series, Jonathan Rowson argues that the issues raised by climate change are necessarily moral in nature

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