Catholic Social Thought and Catholic Charities in Britain Today

This new research analyses Catholic charities in Britain, looking at how far they embody Catholic Social Thought in their practices.

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We regularly review books on Christianity, religion and secularism. If you have a book you would like us to review, please get in touch with us.

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The EU Referendum: How Should We Decide?

Ben Ryan reviews a booklet by Andrew Goddard, aimed at Christians thinking about the EU referendum

God and the EU: Faith in the European Project

Ben Ryan welcomes this attempt to introduce some serious political theology into the EU debate

God Is No Thing – an interview with Rupert Shortt

Nick Spencer and Joseph Ewing sat down with Rupert Shortt, author of God is No Thing, which explores the coherence of the Christian faith.

This Is London: Life and Death in a World City

Religion is a important sub-ploy in Ben Judah's journey through a diverse yet dis-integrated metropolis

Theology and Economics

Nick Spencer listens to economists talking to theologians and theologians talking to economists. Kind of.

Music, words and spirit

Nick Spencer listens to the spirit of the world's most performed living composer.

Islam in Liberalism

Simon Perfect reviews a controversial new book by Joseph Massad

The Name of God is Mercy

A review of Pope Francis' new book: 'The Name of God is Mercy'

The Soul of Doubt

Nick Spencer reviews Dominic Erdozain's 'The Soul of Doubt: The Religious Roots of Unbelief from Luther to Marx'

When the Professor Got Stuck in the Snow

Nick Spencer reviews a comic novel seriously.

God and Churchill

Toby Hole reviews a new book exploring the Christian influences on Britain's most famous Prime Minister

How good we can be: Ending the Mercenary Society and Building a Great Country

Ben Ryan reviews Will Hutton's 'How good we can be: Ending the Mercenary Society and Building a Great Country'

The Territories of Science and Religion

Nick Spencer reviews Peter Harrison's recent book "The Territories of Science and Religion"

A Place of Refuge

An experiment in communal living – The Story of Windsor Hill

The Lure of Technocracy

Ben Ryan reviews a new essay collection from Jurgen Habermas on Europe, democracy and solidarity

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