Catholic Social Thought and Catholic Charities in Britain Today

This new research analyses Catholic charities in Britain, looking at how far they embody Catholic Social Thought in their practices.

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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'Amoris Laetitia footnote contradicts Church’s tradition'

Robert Spaemann said Communion was a 'yes or no' question and that the Pope's document could lead to a schism - The Catholic Herald

Ken Livingstone's 'grotesque analogies' unite national press

Newspapers agree that Jeremy Corbyn, and the Labour party, are tainted by remarks by the former London mayor - The Guardian

Saudi Arabia ban because of 'culture NOT religion'

The Saudi Arabia regime bans women from driving - but they say it's because of culture not religion - The Daily Express

'The hijab has no place in hospitals': Muslim writer says

Muslim writer says medicine should be free from religion and 'health hazard' clothing should be banned - The Daily Mail

Austrian bishop refuses to allow border fence on Church property

Bishop Zsfikovics said he understood people's concerns, but the Christian answer could not be fences and walls - The Catholic Herald

On the seventh day Americans rest, but pass on religion

Only half of Americans say religious significance of Sabbath is personally important to them, poll finds - The Guardian

Church of England Calls on God to Help ‘Brexit’ Voters

The Church of England released a short “prayer for the E.U. referendum campaign” - New York Times

MP quits as McDonnell's PPS after antisemitic posts

Labour MP resigns as aide over ‘relocate Israel to US’ post but remains on committee reporting on antisemitism - The Guardian

Orthodox leaders blast Ofsted for ‘outrageous attack’

A row has erupted between after Ofsted laid into a Charedi school for teaching “incorrect content” - Jewish News

Academisation plans risk increasing religious influence

National Secular Society warns that Government academy plans could increase the level of religious influence in state education - NSS

Has Hollywood finally found god?

They won't win any Oscars, but a new wave of Christian-made movies are teaching Hollywood that religion is good for business - The Telegraph

Turkey's parliament speaker seeks religious constitution

Turkey should have a religious constitution, parliament speaker Ismail Kahraman said on Monday - The Telegraph

A third of Catholic churches across north Wales are to close

Bishop of Wrexham announces the closure of 22 churches by 2020, saying some changes will begin 'within weeks' - The Catholic Herald

On campaign trail, Clinton finds comfort zone at churches

Sunday mornings at Baptist churches fall right into Hillary Clinton's comfort zone - (Associated Press) The Daily Mail

Prince’s Little-Known Life

(Comment) His on-stage persona seems at odds with his devotion to a conservative Christian faith - The Wall Street Journal

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