The Case for Christian Humanism

Nick Spencer and Angus Ritchie set out "Why Christians should believe in humanism, and humanists in Christianity"

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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Nigerian elections: mixing religion and politics

Some fear the country's unity will face a new test - BBC

Archbishop of Canterbury: do not tweet in anger

Justin Welby warns that social media is making us nastier - Telegraph

I'm a Catholic feminist, and my church needs me

The Catholic church needs input from feminist agitators like me - Guardian

A 73-year-old woman's journey to see Pope Francis

'I did not feel tired walking for miles despite my age' - Guardian

Too much 'claptrap' in sermons - Justin Welby

Archbishop of Canterbury hits out at sermons filled with platitudes about 'being a bit nice' - Telegraph

Why we all need Holocaust Memorial Day

70 years after the Holocaust, anti-Semitism is alive and well - Telegraph

How do we keep girls safe?

Are laws the best way to change cultural attitudes to forced marriage? - Telegraph

Not quite a Viking raid, but York sees history in the Minster

Libby Lane's ordination as bishop makes a final break with an all-male priesthood - Guardian

Libby Lane: I want to be a role model for girls

The first female bishop hopes her historic role will encourage others - Guardian

Government right to honour King Abdullah, says Justin Welby

The Archbishop of Canterbury said it was right for flags to be lowered for Saudi king's death - Telegraph

‘Holy in name but not in nature’ – Holy Island residents say no more churches please

It is seen as the cradle of Christianity in mainland Britain but residents of tiny Holy Island have baulked at plans for a new retreat - Telegraph

Charities 'frightened' to campaign by lobbying law - ex-bishop

Charities and campaign groups have been "frightened" into curtailing their public work - BBC

Religion's Leaders Have a Unique Responsibility to Tackle Extremism

The 20th Century was the most secular century in recorded history, and it was the bloodiest - Huffington Post

Catholics need to talk about women priests

Anyone can see women are the majority in church congregations - Telegraph

The Church gets crucial messages across better than any politician

When the Church of England wants to land a punch, it does it in the nicest possible way - Evening Standard

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