Good Neighbours: How Churches Help Communities Flourish

In a report for the Church Urban Fund, Paul Bickley argues that churches tackle the relational deficit blighting deprived communities.

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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HSBC closes some Muslim groups' accounts

HSBC bank has written to Finsbury Park Mosque and other Muslim organisations in the UK to tell them that their accounts will be closed - BBC

Ramadan philanthropy - new sources of funding for charities

Today's fundraisers need to look to different communities and cultures to maximise their donations, says Tony Elischer - Guardian

The Bible in Cornish - after 465 year delay

Landmark as first full and authentic translation of the Bible into Cornish nears its completion - Telegraph

France offers Iraq Christians asylum after Mosul threat

The French government says it is ready to offer asylum to Iraqi Christians forced to flee the northern Iraqi city of Mosul - BBC

Pope Francis Visits Pentecostal Church

Pope Francis has become the first pope to visit a Pentecostal church - Huffington Post

Practising Catholic Ruth Hunt heads gay rights group Stonewall

Announcing her priorities, Hunt said she wanted to build on the legal victories secured under Summerskill - Independent

Christians: The world's most persecuted people

The former Chief Rabbi is appalled at the lack of protest about the treatment of Christians round the globe, and so should we be - Independent

Church of England fails to pay staff a living wage

The Church of England, is paying more than 70 of its own workers less than the living wage - Daily Mail

French Catholics start a revolution at Lambeth Palace

Chemin Neuf is bringing an ecumenical way of living to the Archbishop’s London residence after forming a community there - Times

If we can have just war, why not just terrorism?

Giles Fraser suggests there could be a moral right of resistance to oppression - Guardian

Britain has forgotten its debt to the Christians of Iraq

The ancestors of Assyrian Christians repented of hedonism, and God saved them: modern Ninevites do the same, and God has preserved them, until now - Telegraph

Britain must lead war on religious intolerance, say peers

The world is experiencing a "global crisis" of repression of religious freedom and Britain should lead a "diplomatic war" say peers - BBC

Pope Francis meets with Meriam Ibrahim

Ms Ibrahim and her family fled Sudan for Italy only this morning - Independent

Church a haven for Muslims in Gaza

Muslim families are observing Ramadan in Gaza City's Greek Orthodox church - Daily Mail

MH17 crash site: Hundreds gather for multi-faith memorial service

Hundreds gathered at a multi-faith service in St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne, to pay their respects to those killed in the disaster - Guardian

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