Religion and Well-being: Assessing the Evidence

It is often reported that religion is good for 'well-being'. This report evaluates the evidence from nearly 140 academic studies.

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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Pope Francis says Church should apologise to gays

Pope Francis has said that the Church should apologise to gay people for the way it has treated them.

Pope Francis: ‘EU must reform'

The Pope is calling for the European Union to come up with new creative ways to stay together following Britain’s exit.

When Leaving Religion Costs You Everything

Despite the rapid growth in the number of atheists, losing your faith can also cost you a job, your friends, and your family.

'The gay Muslim elephant in the room'

“I want my faith to be edifying, not destructive.” - Huffington Post

Istanbul authorities ban transgender/gay pride marches

Parades banned after ultra-nationalist youth group calls them immoral and threatens violence - The Guardian

Trump proposes considering racial profiling as a tactic

Candidate says racial or religious profiling ‘not the worst thing to do’ - Guardian

Benedict's resignation delivered 'a lesson for the Church'- Francis

Benedict XVI’s resignation and withdrawal has taught the Church a lesson, Pope Francis has said.

California churches forced to cover abortion in healthcare plans

California Churches have been told they must still cover costs of abortions for any reason.

Veteran removed from ceremony for mentioning God

Air Force veteran was forcibly removed from a ceremony for mentioning God in his “flag-folding speech.”

Modi distances yoga from religion

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today sought to distance yoga from religion.

Pope Francis invites refugees to join him at general audience

Pope Francis invited a number of refugees to join him on stage during his general audience.

Trump: We Don't Know 'About Hillary in Terms of Religion'

Donald Trump appeared to raise questions about Hilary Clinton's religion in a closed-door meeting.

Chanting of ‘Om’ doesn’t change anyone’s religion - Baba Ramdev

Yogi Baba Ramdev says that the chanting of 'om' in meditation does not change one's religion

Christians and Muslims are called to imitate God’s mercy

God asks Christians and Muslims to be forgiving, merciful and compassionate said Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran.

World Orthodox leaders meet despite Russia’s boycott

Leaders of world Orthodox churches are meeting this week, despite the boycott of the Russian church.

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