The Church and the Charter

Thomas Andrew explores the forgotten Christian contributions to our most iconic legal document - Magna Carta

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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Edinburgh Fringe highlights: world-class improv, Bible study and an hour with a gentle genius

Lucas Hnath’s The Christians analysis religious feeling with high seriousness and sympathy and transfers to the Gate next week

Europe's religious war

Failure and its consequences - Economist

Pope faces mass uprising over divorce and gays

Petition calls for tough stance on gays and communion for the remarried - Times

C of E joins Pope Francis in call to prayer for the Environment

C of E lead Bishop for the environment calls to join Christians globally to fast and pray for the care of creation - Church of England

Migrant crisis: 'Germany has the moral high ground over us'

Opinion piece about applying 'love thy neighbour' to migrants, and what the UK might learn from Germany's example - Independent

The slippery slope of 'assisted dying'

Article warns euthanasia’s development in Holland and Belgium is a cautionary tale for those considering the idea here - Spectator

Guardian: UK response to refugee crisis 'morally bankrupt'

Fortress Britain is no answer to the political and economic challenge of Syrian refugees, let alone a moral one, says Guardian

India Hindu population drops below 80% as Muslim ratio rises

India's Hindus have dropped below 80 percent of the population for the first time since independence - Reuters UK

Mapped: Where do migrants apply for asylum in Europe?

The Telegraph shows readers the distribution of asylum applications across Europe

'Appropriate adults' not found for vulnerable people in custody

About 250,000 vulnerable people are not receiving the support of an "appropriate adult" while in police custody - BBC News

BBC stands by ‘unpopular’ religious Radio 4 programmes

The BBC Trust has said it has no plans to change its religious radio programmes, despite their apparent lack of popularity - Catholic Herald

More students want to study religion

More students than ever before chose to study RS this year, the publication of the 2015 A-level results showed - Church Times

Who could be surprised by our children’s unhappiness?

Letters commenting on the Children's Society report and survey claiming that UK children are some of the most unhappy - Guardian

Assisted dying leaves vulnerable at risk, warns alliance of doctors

They warn that changing the law on assisted dying would leave vulnerable people feeling pressured to take their own lives - Telegraph

Politicians hiding their Christian faith, says SNP MSP

Politicians with Christian beliefs are hiding their faith in public life to avoid criticism, an MSP has said - BBC News

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