The Church and the Charter

Thomas Andrew explores the forgotten Christian contributions to our most iconic legal document - Magna Carta

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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From Grandparent to Grandchild, Passing On Religion

When parents are absent or uninterested in spirituality, a grandparent often steps in - Wall Street Journal

Religious right to scan rather than autopsy passed

The ruling is a landmark legal victory for the religious rights of Jews and Muslims - The Independent

'Book of Mormon' musical opens in global base of LDS faith

The controversial but popular musical has come to Salt Lake City - Telegraph

Dying for Christianity: millions at risk across the globe

Increase in murder, as well as rape, torture and discrimination, has led the pope to warn of a ‘form of genocide’ - Guardian

U.S. Federal Prisons Recognize Humanism as Religion

Prisoners who identify as humanist can now get accommodations typically for inmates who believe in a deity - ABC News

Can you make schools integrate?

David Cameron last week warned against the pernicious isolation that comes with "segregation" in schools - BBC

China's Christians protest torn down crosses

More than 1200 crosses have been torn down by authorities in two years, sparking protests - Guardian

The Jews Determined to Stay in France

After anti-Semitic flashpoints, Jews were reported to be leaving France en masse - Daily Beast

Satanists unveil sculpture in Detroit

Satanic Temple reveals statue following a failed effort to place it near Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma - Gurdian

C of E shared conversations on sexuality leave questions

In the West Midlands the C of E’s Shared Conversations on sexuality took place last month. Five participants discuss experiences

C of E voices opposition to latest Assisted Dying Bill

The latest attempt to change the law on assisted dying has faced opposition from critics from the Church of England - Church Times

Turkey bombs IS targets in Syria

Turkish planes have for the first time carried out air strikes against Islamic State group targets in Syria - BBC

Asia Bibi death sentence suspended by Pakistan court

Christian who became first female to be sentenced to death under Pakistan's blasphemy law granted hearing by supreme court - Telegraph

Is religion doing enough to root out abuse?

BBC looks at religions and abuse claims

Comment: "Britain is right to cut out the Islamist cancer"

"Muslims deserve protection if they reject the justifications for violence found in the Koran" - Times

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