A Very Modern Ministry: Chaplaincy in the UK

Ben Ryan analyses the scope and importance of chaplaincy in the UK today

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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Changes in CofE ministerial training prompts protest letter

A proposal to devolve decision-making about ministerial training to the dioceses has been opposed by educators - Church Times

Imams try to 'reclaim the internet' with Haqiqah magazine

A new online magazine has been launched by UK imams with the aim of at "reclaiming the internet" from extremists - BBC

Church of England creates first female diocesan bishop

Rachel Treweek, the new bishop of Gloucester, hopes that appointment of women to such positions will become ‘normal’ - Guardian

MPs warn on growing numbers of British jihadists

Not enough is being done to prevent people leaving the UK to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria, a group of MPs has warned - BBC

What is Belfast's 'gay cake' case?

It involves a gay-themed cake, a bakery run by devout Christians, and the future of equality legislation - Guardian

Church of England creates second female bishop

The Rev Canon Alison White will become the new bishop of Hull - Guardian

Tracking Britain's jihadists - a new BBC database

The BBC have launched a new interactive database compiling information on British jihadists known to be in Syria or Iraq

Church leaders welcome MPs' call for benefits sanctions review

Church leaders have welcomed a call by MPs for an "urgent" review of benefits sanctions - Christianity Today

Pope Francis’ half-miracle

Upon receipt of a papal kiss in Naples at the weekend, a vialful of a third-century saint’s blood reportedly half-liquefied - Guardian

Theresa May receives death threats after anti-extremism speech

A British ISIS fighter has called for the death of Theresa May following her call for British Muslims to help defeat extremism - Christianity Today

Theresa May set to urge UK's Muslims to help fight extremism

Home secretary will set out broad approach for tackling ‘serious and widespread’ problem of Islamic extremism ‘head on’ - Guardian

Libby Lane: I really think this is where God has put me

Libby Lane discusses the opportunities and challenges she faces as the first woman bishop in the Church of England - Guardian

Can religion and science bury the hatchet?

A new project will offer trainee priests and Christians who are scientists the chance to engage with contemporary science - BBC

Francis: reckless blabbermouth or sophisticated strategist?

His public utterances on all manner of subject may seem scattergun or contradictory, but this pope is playing a tactical game - Guardian

Methodists and Anglicans ‘close enough for unity’

A report by the Anglican-Methodist International Commission for Unity in Mission says it is time for union - Church Times

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