How to think about religious freedom

Nick Spencer cuts through the complexities of religion and law to give a clear and judicious overview of what is at stake.

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A plucky foreigner who got his job because no one else was available. What better hero for Britain t

It's rather splendid that our patron saint had no connection to this country - Independent

Pope Francis 'tells sinner she should be allowed Communion'

In apparent break from Catholic teaching, allegedly phoned remarried woman to say 'nothing wrong' in her taking Communion

The return of God: atheism's crisis of faith

When we talk about morals, we end up back talking about religion. That's a good thing - Spectator

Atheism and Christianity are both fine . . .

. . . as long as neither are held with too much passion. We like the Church of England because it’s not too assertive - Times

Atheists are deluded, says Attorney General in ‘Christian Britain’ row

Dominic Grieve said that British laws and customs had been shaped by Christianity - Times

Melanie McDonagh: Faith remains Britain’s main spur to charity

Churches do a disproportionate share of social action for the poor and marginalised - do top atheists do any such good? - Evening Standard

Tony Blair to say battle against Islamic extremism is paramount

Former PM, who supported Egyptian military's overthrow of democratically elected government, to urge west to take sides - Guardian

David Cameron's constituency office calls police on food bank campaigners Bishop of Oxford and Rever

Door was shut in church leaders' faces as David Cameron wrote for The Church Times on his Anglican faith - Independent

Alastair Campbell questions sincerity of David Cameron's 'religious ramblings'

Former spin doctor claims PM has been proclaiming his faith because he needed 'new talking point after Maria Miller fiasco' - Guardian

Muslims must accept Britain's Christian values, says former Home Secretary

Jack Straw says Islamist 'plot' to take over Birmingham schools is product of power struggle within Muslim community - Telegraph

Our Christian beliefs are under attack from influential and militant atheists

Of course Britain is a Christian country, says Charles Moore, in response to the 'angry atheists’ who claim otherwise. - Telegraph

Remember the poor and the hungry

Religious leaders call for action from Easter pulpits - Times

Food banks see donations surge after being criticised by Mail on Sunday

Number of Trussell Trust donors jumps after article accuses charity of failing to run proper checks on food parcel claimants

The Francis effect

The pope as a turnaround CEO - Economist

Britons hostile to religion, survey shows

New Gallup poll shows Britons less positive about religion than world average- The Times (£)

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