Just Money: How Catholic Social Teaching can Redeem Capitalism

Clifford Longley lays out a fresh approach to economics based on Catholic Social Teaching

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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Code of practice for religious schools shelved

The Department for Education has shelved plans for a code of practice for some religious schools which operate outside of mainstream education - BBC News

European Commission dismisses NSS complaint over faith schools

The European Commission has dismissed NSS complaints over employment discrimination in faith school - National Secular Society

One in 50 clergy don't believe in God

One in 50 Anglican clergy in the UK believes God is merely a human construct, according to a new survey today - Christian Today

Sentamu calls for an end to the secrecy of confession

Archbishop of York argues that priests should be free to break the confidentiality clause where children are in danger - Times

The Ottawa shooting response reveals fault lines in the battle between two Canadas

We’re self-congratulatory and skeptical about multiculturalism simultaneously, but recent events threaten our better selves - Guardian

The Guardian view on Roman Catholic teaching on the family

The open arguments about liberalising Catholic teaching are a welcome and necessary dose of reality, whichever side appears to win - Guardian

The truth about evil

Our leaders talk a great deal about vanquishing the forces of evil. But their rhetoric reveals a failure to accept that cruelty and conflict are basic human traits - Guardian

Church must change or 'wither away' warns bishop

Bishop warns Church will wither away without radical change to attract more people - Telegraph

The return of the pauper’s funeral to austerity Britain

A combination of dwindling state support and soaring funeral costs is leaving hard-pressed families dependent on the council to bury their loved ones - Guardian

Christian school 'downgraded for failing to invite an imam to lead assembly'

Christian group warns ‘British values’ rules imposed after Trojan Horse scandal leading to schools with a religious ethos being marked down - Telegraph

The Lahore court’s decision to uphold Asia Bibi’s death penalty is far from just

Unless influential people oppose Pakistan’s harsh blasphemy laws, there’s no hope for her or many others facing execution - Guardian

Vatican call for Church to welcome gay people did not go ‘far enough’ – Cardinal Vincent Nicho

Archbishop of Westminster insists apparent rejection of thaw in relations between Catholic Church and same-sex couples is ‘not an end’ and urges Church to go further - Telegraph

Exclusive: New figures reveal massive decline in religious affiliation

In five decades, the number of people with no religion in Britain has grown from just 3 per cent of the population to nearly half, according to a new survey - Christian Today

Catholic synod: ugly and misrepresented. But nothing will change, thank God

Many in the media think that the synod on families heralds the arrival of new teachings on homosexuality and divorce. But the Church won't succumb to liberal fashion - Guardian

Fighting Isis ‘can be just’, writes the Archbishop of Canterbury

The use of military force by Britain and its allies against Islamic State (Isis) may be justified, according to the Archbishop of Canterbury - Times

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