The Church and the Charter

Thomas Andrew explores the forgotten Christian contributions to our most iconic legal document - Magna Carta.

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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Does mindfulness "mess with your head"?

Over the past decade, a secular creed has stolen across the western world: meditation and mindfulness - The Times

Hundreds of thousands to attend Oscar Romero beatification

Ceremony underlines murdered archbishop’s arrival in official favour, but Salvadorans remain divided about the shooting - Guardian

Austerity and religious groups filling ‘huge gap’ left by state

Churches, mosques, temples and synagogues provide £3 billion a year of free social action work, study concludes - Telegraph

Biggest story in the world podcast: Episode 9, Religion

The Guardian team go to churches and mosques to see what we can learn about spreading the climate change message - Guardian

General Assembly to consider same-sex marriage

Church of Scotland to debate same-sex marriage - The Times

My mother was a nun — could I ever be one?

Why would anyone become a nun? Viewpoint from Catherine Nixey - The Times

Peace charity launches film to tackle extremism in schools

'My Former Life' features an-ex jihadi fighter, US white supremacist, Irish Republican and a man who fought in Afghanistan - BBC

President Xi Jinping warns against foreign influence on religions in China

China’s president said active efforts must be made to incorporate religions into the country’s socialist society - Guardian

Viewpoint: Islam v feminism?

Why would any girl abandon the liberties of a modern democracy to join the dark ages of IS? - BBC

America studies the numbers and decides same-sex marriage adds up

The future of gay marriage has been fully embraced and owned by corporate America - The Times

Bert and Ernie gay marriage cake ruling 'banishes religion from commercial world'

Christian bakers found guilty of discriminating against gay rights activist - Telegraph

Poverty forces people to turn to fuel banks

A fuel bank opens in a London church to help those unable to pay for their energy bills - Mirror

The dangers of mixing politics and religion

Letters responding to Giles Fraser's article concerning religious leaders and political expression - Guardian

Why religion will dominate the 21st century

The 20th century was the high point of secularization, while the 21st century will likely be dominated by religion - The Week

East Anglia: damp fens but dry sermons

For a serious sermon head to East Anglia but for a laugh try Yorkshire or London - The Telegraph

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