The Case for Christian Humanism

Nick Spencer and Angus Ritchie set out "Why Christians should believe in humanism, and humanists in Christianity"

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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Jesus Christ has become an unlikely pin-up for hipster marketing companies

Kevin Lee Light, aka "Jesus", is the newest client of creative agency Mother while rival agency Anomaly has launched a Sexy Jesus calendar - Independent

How well do you actually know the Christmas story?

From shepherds and wise men to donkeys and stables: can you separate the Bible story from the school nativity? - Telegraph

Non-believers push for legal recognition of humanist weddings

Government due to respond to call for non-religious marriages to be enforceable in law, ending need for second, civil ceremony - Guardian

One female bishop is not enough – the church must behave more like Jesus

As the incarnation of progressive politics, Christ would be taking a stand against every evil, from the arms trade to Ukip. The Church of England needs to do the same - Guardian

After the Pakistan school attack, we need to talk about Islam

Pretending that Islamist extremism has nothing to do with Islam simply plays into the radicals' hands: it is time to discuss religious reform - Telegraph

Meet Libby Lane, the Church of England’s first woman bishop

After decades of wrangling, the Church of England has finally appointed its first woman bishop. Caroline Crampton talks to the new Bishop of Stockport - New Statesman

Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis: the unlikely violent extremist

He may have been unnerving but few expected the erratic Monis to be involved in anything like a marathon siege with a bloody end - Guardian

Can business training solve CofE's 'toxic' leadership problem?

Leadership courses for senior clergy are being developed in an attempt to create a Church fit for the 21st century - Christian Today

Christmas traditions dying out because we are too busy

A study finds four in ten won't watch the Queen's speech and 16 per cent will have a takeaway instead of a traditional Christmas roast - Telegraph

Churches key to combating slavery across the world

With the Pope bringing religious leaders together to combat worldwide slavery, the role of the Church is taking a greater prominence - BBC News

What is the significance of the Sydney siege flag?

Footage of hostages in a Sydney siege shows them holding up a black and white flag bearing an Islamic creed

Millions to feel isolated over Christmas with 400,000 pensioners dreading being alone

Campaigners urge people to spend time with elderly neighbours and family - Independent

Catholic church links child sex abuse to celibacy vows

Report claims that priests’ vow of celibacy may be linked to child abuse in what is being seen as the first admission of its kind by Catholic officials - Times

Church credit union: Welby vs Wonga

Word has it that the Financial Conduct Authority has finally found the time to grant approval to the Church of England’s big sally into financial services - FT

Baby Jesus takes on John Lewis in battle for the soul of Christmas

Baby Jesus giggling to the strains of ‘The Power of Love’ pitched against Monty the Penguin and Sainsbury’s Christmas truce as church attempt to win back Christmas from commerce - Telegraph

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