How to think about religious freedom

Nick Spencer cuts through the complexities of religion and law to give a clear and judicious overview of what is at stake.

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Britons hostile to religion, survey shows

New Gallup poll shows Britons less positive about religion than world average- The Times (£)

David Cameron puts God back into politics

British Christians should be unashamedly 'evangelical', says David Cameron- The Telegraph

Nearly half of all British children do not know about the true meaning of Easter

Survey by Travelodge reveals ignorance of Easter- The Mirror

Open letter to the leaders of the three main political parties about UK hunger

Published to coincide with the end of Lent, this letter is signed by over 600 British church leaders - Guardian

The importance of Easter to this atheist

David Cameron's quip that Easter isn't just about eggs misses the point. Celebrating Christian holidays is socially responsible - Guardian

Welby: is a healthy church always a growing one?

Rev is arguably one of the best advertisements for the work of the Church of England in recent years - The Tablet

Lesbian couple make history with first same-sex church wedding

Christian lesbians who have been together for 19 years say it ‘didn’t feel right’ just to have a blessing- Telegraph

New Ian McEwan novel The Children Act to take on religion

Story focusing on parents who refuse treatment for their son's illness will be published in September- Guardian

Rev is funny but things aren’t that bad, says archbishop

The Archbishop of Canterbury has challenged the stereotype portrayed in the BBC sitcom Rev- The Times

Christmas falls foul of Muslim head

A state primary that cancelled an annual visit by Santa Claus is among a series of schools being investigated over claims of extremist infiltration

Pope asks forgiveness for child sex abuse by priests

After initially rebutting allegations of covering up child abuse, Pope Francis makes a public apology about the 'evil' deeds of some Catholic priests

Work starts on joint faith school in Priorslee

The Holy Trinity Academy in Priorslee will be run jointly by the Catholic Diocese of Shrewsbury and the Anglican Diocese of Lichfield

‘Gospel of Jesus’s wife’ not a fake, tests show

An ancient papyrus written in ancient Egyptian Coptic claims Jesus ‘had a wife’ - Times

China denies church ‘demolition campaign’ but says Christianity’s growth ‘excessive’

Communist Party in Zhejiang rejects claims of campaign against churches but official calls Christianity’s growth as ‘excessive’ - Telegraph

Desmond Tutu calls for anti-apartheid style boycott of fossil fuel industry

Nobel peace prize winner calls for organisations to cut ties with industry and for investors to dump fossil fuel stocks - Guardian

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