The Church and the Charter

Thomas Andrew explores the forgotten Christian contributions to our most iconic legal document - Magna Carta

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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Cameron: Britain should not take more Middle East refugees

PM keeps hardline position despite pressure for UK to do more, amid outcry over pictures of drowned refugee child in Turkey - Guardian

Schools 'demand money from parents'

At least 100 schools in England are pressurising parents to contribute financially to budgets, potentially in breach of the law - BBC News

Speaking about religion an ‘act of courage’ in secular age

Faith sidelined in debates such as assisted dying, say Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis & Cardinal Vincent Nichols as they visit Pope Francis - Telegraph

A Point of View: Does atheism have to be anti-religious?

We tend to understand atheism as a war between religion and science - but in earlier times atheism was both more complex and more rich - BBC Magazine

Britain must take in 10,000 refugees, says Yvette Cooper

The Labour candidate calls for Britain to honour its tradition of taking in refugees, accuses ministers of "political cowardice" - Telegraph

Pope Francis drops a bombshell

Catholics can receive absolution from dissident SSPX priests - The Spectator

Pope Francis leads prayers for migrants

Pope Francis led prayers for migrants who have died travelling to Europe, & urged people to work to stop crimes against migrants - Guardian

Religion rarely part of ICU conversation

In less than 20 percent of family meetings in the ICU do doctors and other health care providers discuss religion or spirituality - Reuters UK

Thousands troop to Philippine highway for Church protest

Thousands of members of a Christian group protest against alleged intrusion by the government in church affairs - Reuters UK

Mission impossible? Meet the new chaplains

With church attendance in decline, Tom Lamont meets the chaplains putting themselves into everyday lives - The Observer

Edinburgh Fringe highlights: world-class improv, Bible study and an hour with a gentle genius

Lucas Hnath’s The Christians analysis religious feeling with high seriousness and sympathy and transfers to the Gate next week

Europe's religious war

Failure and its consequences - Economist

Pope faces mass uprising over divorce and gays

Petition calls for tough stance on gays and communion for the remarried - Times

C of E joins Pope Francis in call to prayer for the Environment

C of E lead Bishop for the environment calls to join Christians globally to fast and pray for the care of creation - Church of England

Migrant crisis: 'Germany has the moral high ground over us'

Opinion piece about applying 'love thy neighbour' to migrants, and what the UK might learn from Germany's example - Independent

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