A Soul for the Union

This report argues that if the EU is going to be worth saving, it needs to find a moral purpose that resonates with its citizens.

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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CoE attacks government plans to liberalise Sunday trading

The Church of England has released a statement strongly advising the Government to leave the law alone - Christian Today

Mosques across UK open doors to public

More than 90 mosques across the UK have opened their doors to visitors - BBC

Pope Francis and Russian patriarch to hold meeting

Meeting in Cuba on 12 February will be first between religious leaders since two churches split almost 1,000 years ago - Guardian

Australian churches invoke ancient right of 'sanctuary'

Ten Australian churches have offered sanctuary to asylum seekers facing deportation to offshore refugee camps - Christian Today

Concern grows at Catholic church's silence over Zika virus crisis

Critics draw comparison with church view on Aids/HIV as proscription remains on artificial contraception and abortion - Guardian

France’s blindness to religion only masks hatred

Laïcité treats religion as a dirty little secret and manifests itself as a restriction of public prayer - The Guardian

Justin Welby defends frank discussions on faith

The Archbishop of Canterbury has told the House of Lords that there is no right not to be offended by frank assertions of faith - Premier

Sanders disappoints atheists

Bernie Sanders dashed the hopes of some atheists when he declared he had “very strong religious and spiritual feelings” - Religion News Service

Gender transition services and same-sex weddings call for CoE

Bishop and leading clerics press for liturgy overhaul to end ‘official discrimination’ against non-heterosexual Anglicans

Number of anti-Semitic incidents in Britain falls

The number of anti-Semitic incidents reported in Britain dropped by a fifth last year - Christian Today

Rubio criticizes Obama mosque speech

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio said that there is ‘discrimination of every kind’ in the US - Guardian

Councils will get free rein on Sunday shopping hours

Ministers are pressing ahead with controversial plans to give councils the power to extend Sunday trading hours - Times

Obama to make first presidential visit to American mosque

President will visit Baltimore mosque amid frustration from Muslim groups he has waited until his eighth and final year in power - Guardian

Religion can make you happier, official figures suggest

New analysis of findings from Britain’s national happiness index suggest that religion really can make people more content - Telegraph

Battle joined over place of faith in education

Part of a much wider public battle over identity, belief and belonging - BBC

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