Catholic Social Thought and Catholic Charities in Britain Today

This new research analyses Catholic charities in Britain, looking at how far they embody Catholic Social Thought in their practices.

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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'World is more religious, because the poor go for God'

'Religion itself thrives in places where liberal individualism fails. That’s the real clash of civilisations' - The Guardian

Dawkins calls for religion 'to be offended at every opportunity'

Evolutionary biologist says it's ridiculous to be accused of racism when you criticise Islam - The Independent

US counter-terrorism chief criticizes anti-Muslim rhetoric

John Carlin says assimilation of American Muslims has been ‘major boon’ in fight against Isis recruitment - The Guardian

Iona Christian community in 'serious jeopardy'

A Christian community which attracts pilgrims from around the world is in “serious jeopardy” - The Guardian

Poster campaign challenges ban on female priests

Pictures of women serving illicitly as priests will be plastered across city as part of campaign against Vatican decree - The Guardian

Switzerland: Muslims, Shake Your Teacher’s Hand or Pay $5,000

“The public interest with respect to equality between men and women and the integration of foreigners significantly outweighs the freedom of religion.”

World leaders visit Shinto religion's holiest shrine

Japanese PM Shinzo Abe has taken world leaders to the Shinto religion's holiest site, as the G7 summit begins in the country - BBC News

Asking Millennial Priests How They're Courting the Least Religious Generation

How are 'millenial' priests trying to convince non-religious young people to embrace faith?

Burmese cardinal thanks Western Christians for support during oppression

Cardinal Charles Maung Bo of Yangon thanked western Christians for their support for democracy in Burma.

China sees sevenfold increase in persecution against Christians

Persecution against Christians in China has increased, according to a new report published on Wednesday.

People of no religion outnumber Christians in England and Wales – study

New figures show that the number of Britons who say they have 'no religion' has risen to an all time high.

Pope to hold historic talks with Grand Imam of Al-Azhar

The Pope will host historic talks with the grand imam of Cairo's Al Azhar mosque in the Vatican this week.

Richard Dawkins : religion should be "offended" at every opportunity

Prominent scientist and atheist thinker Richard Dawkins has said that the public was "too worried" to criticise religious belief.

Islam "not compatible" with 'British values', survey suggests

A new survey suggests that while most Britons do not believe Islam is a violent religion, it is not compatible with "British Values"

Tajiks vote in referendum on banning religious parties

Tajiks have rejected religious-based political parties, in a move that will reduce the power of Islamists and strengthen the current presidency.

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