Just Money: How Catholic Social Teaching can Redeem Capitalism

Clifford Longley lays out a fresh approach to economics based on Catholic Social Teaching

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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Pope condemns the EU as inhumane, selfish, decadent

The Pope delivered a withering attack on the EU yesterday, telling the European parliament that the union was turning into an elderly, inhumane bureaucracy - Times

The ‘yes’ men at HSBC mislay their moral compass

A report, backed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, says overhauling the broken culture of high street banking will take a generation to achieve - Times

Forty years ago I would have been denied my rights in Northern Ireland because I was Catholic.

Lyra Mckee argues that a new 'conscience clause' being proposed in Northern Ireland will legally protect gay discrimination - Independent

Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy files appeal

Asia Bibi was found guilty of insulting the prophet Muhammad four years ago after incident in June 2009 - Guardian

Sunday morning inconvenient for church services ... says Church of England

Sunday mornings not ideal for some families to attend church because they are busy shopping and doing DIY, says leading cleric as figures show many switching to midweek services - Telegraph

The Vicar Of Baghdad On Why He Preaches Another Iraq War

Interview with Rev. Canon Andrew White, Vicar of Baghdad - Huffington Post

British fear of Islamists and Saudi fears about atheists are two sides of the same coin

Young people want to know about jihadism – and it’s better that they inquire about it openly, in schools, than elsewhere - Guardian

Isis in Iraq: The trauma of the last six months has overwhelmed the remaining Christians in the coun

After 2,000 years, a community will try anything – including pretending to convert to Islam – to avoid losing everything - Independent

Our secular salvation myth distances us from reality

We are sold the simple story that we have been saved from the dark ages by the clear moral vision of science, rationality and Apple computers - Guardian

Praying for time

Disputes over women bishops are the least of the Anglican church’s problems - Economist

The Israel-Palestine conflict is not just about land. It’s a bitter religious war

For decades, Arab and Jewish movements claimed they were secular. It is now clear this was a charade - Guardian

Islamic extremism found at top CoE school

One of Britain’s most successful inner-city schools is to be placed in special measures by Ofsted after failing to safeguard pupils from Islamic extremism - Times

Violence Against Religious Minorities in Iraq and Syria

Rt Rev Nick Baines looks at the issues surrounding violence against religious minorities under the Islamic State - Huffington Post

Welfare state no longer acting as basic ‘safety net’ – Church of England report

Study on food bank users finds administrative mix-ups in welfare system are forcing poor to turn to emergency food aid in Britain - Telegraph

Why do Christmas carols make the church feel nervous?

Some Christmas songs have origins that go back to pagan times - family favourite The Holly and the Ivy probably sprang from ritual fertility dances and singing games - Telegraph

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