Religion and Well-being: Assessing the Evidence

It is often reported that religion is good for 'well-being'. This report evaluates the evidence from nearly 140 academic studies.

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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How Donald Trump Divided and Conquered the Religious Right

Trewin Wax looks at Trump's strategy of exploiting tensions and divisions within the Religious Right

It's hard to get to church

Logistics and distrust in religious institutions biggest barrier to participation. Still, picture of religion in America is more complex

Pope leads pilgrims in prayer for victims of Italy earthquake

Pope Francis turns his weekly general audience into prayer service for the victims of the earthquake that hit central Italy on 24th August

UK Muslims taken off plane, accused of supporting ISIS

Sisters and brother interrogated on London airport runway after fellow passengers claimed seeing Arabic text on phone

Woman forced to remove clothing on Nice beach

Following a controversial ban on burkinis, French police force a woman to remove some of her clothing on a beach in Nice

4,500 slavery victims supported by Salvation Army in 5 years

The number of slavery victims helped by the Salvation Army in England and Wales has risen almost fivefold since 2011-12, the charity has said.

French Muslims fear increased state control

Muslims in France fear increased scrutiny and state control in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

London Muslims attend church in solidarity with Christians

Leading members of Britain's Muslim community have attended a London church service to show solidarity with their Christian neighbours.

Pope prays for victims of Turkish suicide bombing

Pope Francis has offered prayers for the victims of Saturday’s suicide bombing in Turkey.

Gay Anglican clergy to defy church's official stance

A group of gay Anglican clergy are planning to sign an open letter calling for the church to reconsider its position on same-sex marriage.

German Conservatives call for partial ban on face veil

German Conservatives have agreed that women should be banned from wearing the face veil in schools and universities and while driving.

Anjem Choudary associates placed under anti-terror controls

Followers of Anjem Choudary facing increased anti-terror controls.

My patient refused to let me treat her because of my religion

A Muslim doctor recalls when a patient refused to let him treat her due to his religion.

Religious freedom lacking for three-fourths of world’s population, ambassador says

The U.S. State Department warned that repression is threatening the liberties of religious minorities.

Trump is conning believers about his faith, author says

An author of the presidential candidate says Trump's religious credentials are false.

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