Just Money: How Catholic Social Teaching can Redeem Capitalism

Clifford Longley lays out a fresh approach to economics based on Catholic Social Teaching

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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Church condemns Government as un-Christian over stance on drowning migrants

Bishops say refusal to support rescue operations in Mediterranean by Europe’s leading naval power is an abdication of moral responsibility - Telegraph

Cracks in the atheist edifice

The rapid spread of Christianity is forcing an official rethink on religion in China - Economist

Nearly £1 million to repair region's cathedrals

Two cathedrals in the region are to be given hundreds of thousands of pounds so that they can carry out urgent repair work. - ITV

Pope Francis: Evolution Is Right, The Big Bang Happened, And God Isn't Magic

Pople Francis is bucking thousands of years of Vatican tradition by accepting, publicly, that science has a point. - Huffington Post

God 1, Zealots 0

Or why a doubting church is a good church - Times

Halloween? It’s more than trick or treat

It is derided as a US import. But the European roots of the festival of dark and light go deep - Guardian

I’m a Muslim with a beard. What’s so scary about that?

Since growing some rather impressive facial hair I’ve noticed Muslims are more open to me, but others view me with suspicion - Guardian

Jonathan Sacks on religion, politics and the civil war that Islam needs

The former chief rabbi’s arguments for religion start from questions of community and identity, rather than theology - Spectator

Archbishop of Canterbury: ‘don’t demonise immigrants’

Justin Welby says he is worried about the language used to debate immigration after Michael Fallon’s ‘swamped’ comment - Guardian

Today’s Britain: where the poor are forced to steal or beg from food banks

MPs who fiddled thousands got off lightly, yet they have created a system where the hungry go to jail - Guardian

Two per cent of Anglican priests don't believe in God, survey finds

As many as 16 per cent are agnostic - Independent

Child abuse 'rampant' in British institutions, says Archbishop of Canterbury

Apologises for 'significant legacy of unacknowledged cases' in the Church of England - Daily Mail

Godless millennials could end the political power of the religious right

America is becoming less Christian because young people are less religious. That’s not blessed news for conservatives - Guardian

Priests ‘must not absolve abusers’

The practice of confession is widespread in the Catholic church - Times

Church raises bats out of hell

Bats being reclaimed as Christian symbol - Sunday Times

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