Doing Good: A Future for Christianity in the 21st Century

Theos launches 'Doing Good', a report on the future of Christianity, drawing on a decade of research.

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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‘Demonic activity was palpable’ at Trump’s rally, pastor says

Religious activity at Trump rally sends "shivers" down pastor's spine

How smartphones and social media are changing Christianity

Christian worship and religion is changing with the acceptance of smartphones, apps and social media

It is 'better to be an atheist than hypocritical Catholic'

The Pope criticises those who say they are Catholic but lead a double life

Religious charities are stepping in as welfare is cut

Faith-based charities are growing in number and in their reach across Britain as welfare is cut

Killed for Christ in the Amazon

Daughter of brutally murdered missionary says she forgives father's killers

Turkey lifts military ban on Islamic headscarf

The Turkish Army is the final institution to lift the ban on headscarfs

Jewish cemetery vandalised as more than 100 headstones damaged

More than 100 historically Jewish headstones have been vandalised in St.Louis, Missouri.

Muslim refugee hails Pope Francis as the example of religion

A Muslim refugee praises the Pope for his support of those fleeing war.

"May’s Religion Has Made Her An ‘Extremist’ On Drugs"

Theresa May’s religious beliefs have made her an “extremist” on drugs policy, according to Professor David Nutt.

The Social Scientific Case Against a Muslim Ban

Social Scientists highlight the threat that Islamophia poses to Americans

UK university campuses to tackle rise in antisemitism

Following a wave of antisemitic instances on campuses throughout the UK, universities are urged to tackle the the issue

Bishops to repair divisions over same-sex relationships

Church of England bishops are instructed to meet with members of their diocese in an attempt to repair relationships over same-sex marriage

Pope: Migration is a challenge for growth

Pope Francis, reunited with a Syrian refugee brought home from Lesbos, claims migration poses an opportunity for growth

Welby: Brexit Britain needs the Church

Justin Welby speaks of the importance of the Church in re-shaping post-Brexit Britain

Does the Bible actually advocate for Sanctuary Cities?

What does the Bible say about sanctuary for refugees?

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