Good Neighbours: How Churches Help Communities Flourish

In a report for the Church Urban Fund, Paul Bickley argues that churches tackle the relational deficit blighting deprived communities.

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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'We must urgently act to restore rigour to the teaching of RE'

Rev Nigel Genders, the Church of England's chief education officer writes about the importance of RE - TES Opinion

Archbishop Justin Welby's doubt in God 'welcomed' in Bristol

Archbishop Welby, who admitted that he sometimes doubts the existence of God, has been praised by the Diocese of Bristol - BBC

Leading climate scientists call on religious leaders to help save the environment

Scientists call for massive mobilisation inspired by the Vatican and other religions - Independent

Scotland: after the hatred, will we forgive and forget?

Scotland needs to be healed after a referendum contest largely based on enmity, not enlightenment - Telegraph

Cardinals reject Pope’s plan for communion for divorcees

Cardinals will publish a book rejecting Pope Francis' plan to reconsider allowing remarried divorcees to receive communion - Times

Police officer facing inquiry over death in custody 'wants to be church minister'

Metropolitan police officer under investigation over the death of a man in custody wants to become a Church of England minister - Guardian

The power of religion and prayer to head off climate disaster

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s prayer ahead of People’s Climate March warns that the global economy is destroying the web of life - Guardian

Welby admits to questioning God’s existence

The Archbishop of Canterbury has revealed that challenging situations have led him to question the existence of God regularly - Times

When women bishops come, here's where conservative Anglicans will go

The Anglican Mission in England looks like a support group. But if required, it could turn into rather more than that - Spectator

Benedictine monk tradition revived in Abergavenny

A new breed of modern-day monks is reviving a 1,000-year-old tradition by setting up a Church in Wales "monastery" - BBC

British imams urge every mosque to pray for captive

Imams have called on every mosque in the UK to hold a day of prayer for the British taxi driver threatened with beheading - Times

Festival sacks director over Hitler remarks to Germans

A musical director was dismissed from a festival after impersonating Hitler in front of a visiting German choir - Times

Gay rector faces backlash in pews over ‘wedding’ plans

Rural clergyman defends plans for public thanksgiving service for his civil partnership in face of claims the move is ‘divisive’ - Telegraph

Songs of Malaise: I know just the Reverend to revive our ailing church

Rosie Millard rallies with the Rev Kate Bottley in condemning Songs of Praise as outdated - Independent

Civil partnerships 'would make church-only marriages illegal'

One proposal for civil partnerships in Jersey would rob people of being able to get fully married in church, says Anglican dean - BBC

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