Just Money: How Catholic Social Teaching can Redeem Capitalism

Clifford Longley lays out a fresh approach to economics based on Catholic Social Teaching

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Welfare state dead in a generation, a quarter of British adults think

As David Cameron defends his “moral mission” against Cardinal Nichols accusations of welfare cuts being neither “moral nor fair”, new research reveals that a quarter (24%) of British adults think the welfare state will not exist “in any for

Anglicans are still ‘Tory Party at Prayer’ but Muslims are Labour’s to lose

Anglicans are still ‘Tory Party at Prayer’ but Muslims are Labour’s to lose. New research shows reality of “religious vote” in Britain

More than half of us believe spiritual forces have influence on earth, research reveals

New research from the think tank Theos, examining patterns of spiritual belief in Britain, shows that over three-quarters of all people believe that there are things we cannot explain through science or any other means – and more than half think sp

Theos responds to criticisms of More than an Educated Guess

Unbalanced response by BHA and Accord proves again how ideological and overheated the debate is

Faith schools are the wrong platform for all our diversity debates, says think tank

Faith schools are the wrong platform for all our diversity debates, says think tank Summary of existing research concludes we should stop overloading a narrow issue with all our anxieties about religious difference The religion and society think tank Theos today launches “more than an educated guess: assessing the evidence on faith schools” which offers a cool-headed summary and analysis of the relevant research, academic and other, to help interested parties get a handle on what’s really going on.

Liberals’ concern with “progressive values” harming cohesion, argues new report

Multiculturalism theory is missing the point, argues a new report by religion think tank Theos and the Contextual Theology Centre.

Claims of a British 'Religious Right' are misleading

Claims of a British 'Religious Right' are misleading, say Theos.

European Court judgements send wrong message

Today's judgements on religious liberty have sent out the wrong message about the position of religious faith in Britain today, says Theos.

Britain is neither Christian nor secular, but religiously plural

Britian is neither Christian nor secular, but religiously plural, says Theos in light of 2011 Census.

An atheist, an agnostic and a priest debate goodness and God

Theos/LSE Forum on Religion event: 'With good reason: a debate on the foundation of ethics' marks the launch of new Theos report.

Britain's Faithless do have Faith After All

New Theos research has shown that the majority of people in Britain have some form of religious belief after all.

Cathedrals’ success transcends religious and social boundaries.

New research shows that 11 million English adults visit Church of England cathedrals every year, and surprising numbers of them are non-Christians and the non-religious.

Next Archbishop must ‘do politics’, says Theos

Religion and society think tank Theos said today that the next Archbishop should be even more political than the last.

Cameron’s Olympic figures should be taken with a pinch of salt, says think tank

With the PM set to make a speech suggesting the Olympics will give the economy a £13 billion boost, a think tank claims the Government is overselling the economic impact of London 2012.

Inspire a Generation? 80% say Olympics not inspiring them to play more sport

Give us our Ball Back: Reclaiming Sport for the Common Good, a new report by Theos and Sports Think Tank, reveals that the big claims made for the Olympics, and sport more generally, don’t stack up.

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