The Death of God and the War on Terror

2016: Terry Eagleton, Distinguished Professor of English Literature at Lancaster University, delivers the ninth annual Theos lecture

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Theos team members appear and our research is quoted regularly in mainstream media across broadcast, print and digital. This page includes the highlights.

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Sunday Morning with... Nick Spencer

Theos Acting Director Nick Spencer discusses the continuing importance of Christianity on "Sunday Morning with..."

Weighed in the Balance

William Whyte offers a generous and balanced review of Nick Spencer's latest book "The Evolution of the West"

Elizabeth Oldfield on 'Thought for the day'

On liberalism, shared identities and the (third) way forward

One sure way to save our ailing churches – give them away

Our report on English cathedrals referenced in this Guardian article by Simon Jenkins

Terry Eagleton with unusual challenge to the new atheism

A further echo of our recent Annual Lecture with Prof Terry Eagleton in The Economist

Religion can trump capitalism among the world’s downtrodden

The London Evening Standard publish an excerpt from our Annual Lecture given by Prof Terry Eagleton

Life & Faith: The Evolution of the West

The "Centre for Public Christianity" from Syndey, Australia sit down with Theos Research Director Nick Spencer to discuss his latest book

Terry Eagleton On Why God Won't Go Away

A Christian Today article on our 2016 Theos Annual Lecture delivered by Prof Terry Eagleton: "The Death of God and the War on Terror"

The West spawned secularism, but also fundamentalism

Newsweek publishes an extract from our Annual Lecture for 2016: "The Death of God and the War on Terror" by Prof Terry Eagleton

How Christianity, Not Secularism, Shaped The West

Mark Woods reviews Nick Spencer's new book, "The Evolution of the West: How Christianity Has Shaped our Values", for Christian Today

A (very) brief history of the European project

An excerpt from "A Soul for the Union", a recent report written by Ben Ryan, is featured in The Montreal Review

Elizabeth Oldfield on 'Thought for the day'

In praise of adoption and the messy family of God

"Religion and well-being" report presented in Counsel Magazine

Mark Hatcher presents our most recent report in an article for Counsel Magazine

The Roots of UK Labour's Anti-Semitism Problem

Paul Bickley writes for Newsweek on Labour's problem with anti-semitism

Elizabeth Oldfield on 'Thought for the day'

On how empathy and forgiveness, often the fruits of prayer, are the building blocks of a healing that will hold and the basis of real unity

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