The Church and the Charter

Thomas Andrew explores the forgotten Christian contributions to our most iconic legal document - Magna Carta

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Theos in the Media

Theos team members appear and our research is quoted regularly in mainstream media across broadcast, print and digital. This page includes the highlights.

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217,716 Leave German Catholic Church

Ben Ryan comments on reasons behind the decline of the German Catholic Church for Newsweek

Is Europe a Christian Continent?

Ben Ryan comments on the shifting nature of Europe's religious make up on Debating Europe

Elizabeth Oldfield - Radio 4's 'The World Tonight'

Elizabeth Oldfield interviewed on the idea of sin and the Papal Encyclical 'Laudato Si'.

Christian roots of democracy’s iconic document

Thomas Andrew, author of 'The Church and The Charter' on MercatorNet

Exploring the Theological Roots of the Magna Carta

Theos author Tom Andrew on

From sacred texts to secular rights

This Monday marks the eight-hundredth anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta by King John - Tablet

Magna Carta ‘still essential today’

Nick Spencer comments on the role of the Church in charter's survival - Law Society Gazette

Nick Spencer on Magna Carta

Theos Research Director Nick Spencer on Radio Nottingham

The Church’s central role in Magna Carta has been airbrushed out of history

The freedoms contained in the 1215 document originate 'with the Christian Church and Christian theology' - Catholic Herald

Tom Andrew on TWR

Theos author Tom Andrew discusses his new report on TWR UK

FIFA scandal

FIFA needs ethical as well as structural reform, argues Paul Bickley

Recycling church buildings

Nick Spencer comments on the decline of church attendance in a Guardian article addressing shrinking Anglican congregations

'Thought for the Day' and its lefty-bias

Elizabeth's 'Thought for the day' referenced as an example of the programme ignoring Tory listeners - Telegraph

How do we cultivate the right kind of virtue?

Theos' Director Elizabeth Oldfield speaks about Charles Kennedy and his 'eulogy virtues' - Thought for the Day

Nick Spencer on Beyond Belief

Theos Research Director Nick Spencer spoke on BBC Radio 4's 'Beyond Belief' programme, considering humanism and belief

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