A Very Modern Ministry: Chaplaincy in the UK

Ben Ryan analyses the scope and importance of chaplaincy in the UK today

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Theos in the Media

Theos team members appear and our research is quoted regularly in mainstream media across broadcast, print and digital. This page includes the highlights.

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The decline of Christianity in the UK - Ben Ryan discusses

Theos' Ben Ryan discusses the new survey which shows that the UK is one of the least religious countries in the world - TWR

Chaplaincy - to what extent is it pioneering mission?

Theos chaplaincy report covered in the Baptist Times

Labour and the Sikh manifesto - Theos report discussed

Theos' research on voting behaviour and religious affiliation is mentioned in discussion of the Sikh manifesto - Sikh Siyasat News

Why bother voting? Theos' Paul Bickley makes the case

Theos' Paul Bickley challenges the assumption that political apathy is widespread - Nomad Podcast

Church of England ‘still the Tory Party at prayer’

Theos' report Voting and Values is discussed in the Church of England Newspaper

Most UK Jews to vote for Tories - Theos research discussed

Poll shows 56 percent of Jewish voters intend to vote for the Tories; Theos research is discussed - Times of Israel

Is the Muslim Vote actually a thing? Nick Spencer comments

Does the 'Muslim vote' actually exist? Theos' Nick Spencer discusses in BuzzFeed News

Elizabeth Oldfield on the tensions of Easter Saturday

Theos Director Elizabeth Oldfield argues that Christianity, like Easter Saturday, is a path between hope and despair - Thought for the Day

Chaplains are taking on an ever bigger role in Britain’s schools

Chaplaincy in schools is having a comeback. Theos' report on the future of chaplaincy in the UK is discussed - Telegraph

Cameron’s religion and the changing face of Christianity

Cameron's faith is out of step with changing Christianity in Britain. Theos' research is quoted - Economist

Lichfield Cathedral hosts first pre-election public consultation

Lichfield Cathedral has hosted the first pre-election public consultation on the future of politics, co-organised by Theos

Cathedrals to host pre-election debates

Cathedrals will be offering the public space to moot their political grievances before the election, in events co-organised by Theos

Theos Director Elizabeth Oldfield discusses privacy and morality

Theos Director Elizabeth Oldfield argues that online privacy is an issue of social justice on Thought for the Day - BBC Radio 4

Oxford's Unapologetic Female Apologist

Theos' research is mentioned in an article profiling Amy Orr-Ewing, among the UK's most prominent apologists - Christianity Today

Why our politics needs to be more spiritual

Theos' research mentioned in this call for a renewed understanding of spirituality in our politics and market society - Prospect Magazine

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