Religion and Well-being: Assessing the Evidence

It is often reported that religion is good for 'well-being'. This report evaluates the evidence from nearly 140 academic studies.

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Theos in the Media

Theos team members appear and our research is quoted regularly in mainstream media across broadcast, print and digital. This page includes the highlights.

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Theos director Elizabeth Oldfield on BBC News

Theos director Elizabeth Oldfield talks about the burkini ban in France on BBC News and the problems with hardline secularism

Burkini ban: let's stop helping Isis's recruitment drive

Elizabeth Oldfield writes that the burkini ban is the perfect recruiting tool for ISIS.

It's both hands together

Christianity needs political visibility on Left and Right if it is to remain untainted by partisan associations, writes Nick Spencer (£)

Theresa May: Quiet Daughter of the Church

Nick Spencer writes about the accession of practising Christian Theresa May to the premiership for The Tablet (£)

Tony Blair's faith and the decision to go to war in Iraq

Our article on Blair's faith, written for Theos by Andrew Connell, featured on the front page of The Tablet

"Religion and Wellbeing" report on BBC radio

Theos' new report on the nexus between religion and wellbeing has been discussed on numerous BBC radio programmes

"Religion and Wellbeing" report featured on Thought for the Day

Theos' new report on religion and wellbeing featured on BBC Radio 4's Thought for the Day

Nick Spencer writes on post-referendum Britain for Church Times

"The instability of the past week has shown how fragile the balance of political life is"

"A Soul for the Union" cited in Straits Times

Theos' "Soul for the Union" report was cited in the Straits Times

"Religion and Wellbeing" report featured in The Guardian

Theos' latest report on religion and wellbeing was featured in The Guardian's editorial pages.

Ben Ryan quoted in the Catholic Herald

Ben Ryan is quoted in the Catholic Herald about his work on the EU and it's moral purpose.

Ben Ryan speaks on Brexit on Premier Christian Radio

Theos researcher Ben Ryan speaks about the results of the EU referendum and what happens next.

Ben Ryan debates the EU referendum on BBC radio London

Theos researcher Ben Ryan discussed the upcoming EU referendum on BBC Radio London

Ben Ryan debate features on BBC Radio Suffolk

Theos' Ben Ryan's EU debate with Ben Gummer MP and Kelvin Hopkins MP discussed on BBC Radio Suffolk

Ben Ryan featured on BBC Look East

Ben Ryan's recent debate on the EU referendum in Ipswich was featured by BBC News' Look East programme.

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