Good Neighbours: How Churches Help Communities Flourish

In a report for the Church Urban Fund, Paul Bickley argues that churches tackle the relational deficit blighting deprived communities.

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Not a spin doctor, but not short of challenges either.

Ben Ryan looks at the appointment of Chris Patten to advise the Vatican on communications.

Will Francis still be the media’s darling after the Synod on the Family?

Ben Ryan looks at the Catholic Church's synod on the family and what it might mean for Francis and the media

The Dark Side of the Net

Nick Spencer asks what the darknet tells us about human nature and progress

God and the goal

Daniel Sturridge is one of a growing number of players who openly celebrate their faith on and off the pitch, but is this necessarily a good thing?

Further thoughts on ‘Trojan Horse’

Birmingham is about a failure to balance distinctiveness, local leadership and community involvement with national educational priorities

Credit where it's due

Guest blogger David Barclay from the Contextual Theology Centre writes on the launch of the Church Credit Champions Network.

The populist problem

Populist parties fill the void left by mainstream politicians

Pizza Express Halal Chickens: Why the Fuss?

Ben Ryan argues enforcing the labeling of Halal meat is an odd line to draw when you look at the evidence.

My kind of "Christian nation"

Guest blog from Jonathan Chaplin on his vision for what a Christian Britain would look like

Catholic bashing can't save a failed utopia.

Guarding against religious belief to protect the march of reason and civilization is pointless - those dreams are already over.

Cameron's conversion: is Britain a Christian nation?

There are always risks in baptising power, but that doesn't mean religion should be private

"Muslim infiltration of education": it's not about faith schools

Paul Bickley argues against a knee jerk reaction to alledged "taking over" of Birmingham schools by Muslims

The least Biblical biblical film ever made?

So the director promised - but hasn't he just proved the very relevance of the Bible today?

The big fat lies of evolution

Is evolution quietly becoming a religion?

Religion in public: what an inflatable whale ban might tell us

Elizabeth Oldfield argues that fear of our differences shouldn't push religion from public space

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