How to think about religious freedom

Nick Spencer cuts through the complexities of religion and law to give a clear and judicious overview of what is at stake.

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Cameron's conversion: is Britain a Christian nation?

There are always risks in baptising power, but that doesn't mean religion should be private

"Muslim infiltration of education": it's not about faith schools

Paul Bickley argues against a knee jerk reaction to alledged "taking over" of Birmingham schools by Muslims

The least Biblical biblical film ever made?

So the director promised - but hasn't he just proved the very relevance of the Bible today?

The big fat lies of evolution

Is evolution quietly becoming a religion?

Religion in public: what an inflatable whale ban might tell us

Elizabeth Oldfield argues that fear of our differences shouldn't push religion from public space

Religious slaughter debate shows why change is necessary

The new Theos report on religious freedom is timely.

The morality of prostitution

Gavin Shuker MP looks at what really need to be done to tackle prostitution

What is Europe today?

In the important election that nobody’s talking about the vision for Europe may have just hit rock bottom.

Welfare and Generosity

Nick Spencer on what the welfare debate reveals about how we define generosity

Adoption row: a victory that should not disguise major concerns

St Margaret's keep their charitable status, but this debate has more worrying undertones.

Atheism is hard…but so is belief

Elizabeth Oldfield on why neither atheism nor Christianity are easy or obvious positions.

The problematic power of the rich

Is it a problem that the 85 wealthiest own as much as the poorest half of the world, if they earned their money fair and square?

Voting and Values

Nick Spencer explores what we can learn from Theos' report Voting and Values in Britain

Buddhist babies, Taoist toddlers, atheist adults

Maybe Islam is more like golf than fiscal conservatism – more like a practice, art or skill than it is a concept.

What does it matter that Vincent Nichols is to be made a cardinal?

Ben Ryan looks at what the new appointment means for Catholics in the UK.

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