Christian Funders and Grant-Making: An Analysis

This report offers new analysis about who Christian funding organisations are and what they are doing.

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Rights, freedoms and weapons

Is religious freedom disappearing from Britain? Are rights becoming weapons? Here's something to ponder

Sacred freedom, cryonics and techno-resurrection

More people are opting to freeze and preserve their bodies after they die - but what are the ethical implications?

Trump and the evangelicals

The white evangelical vote for Trump has caused particular anguish. Paul Bickley argues that it signals the influence of 'nominal evangelicals'.

It’s not post-truth politics that’s the problem

Much has been made of "post truth" politics, but from Trump to Brexit it is Western liberalism's loss of vision that has opened the door.

How to make America great again

Trump's victory will see a disentangling of US evangelicalism from Republican politics, hopes Paul Bickley.

Passing on Faith: A Confidence Boost for Parents

Olywn Mark, author of our report Passing on Faith, asks why parents are reluctant to make efforts to pass on their beliefs to their children

What good are London's mega churches?

Birmingham University's Andrew Davies sets out the findings of a new study on mega-churches and social engagement.

Why 'pardoning' gay men does not redeem Parliament

Ben Ryan on why the language of 'pardon' is at best odd, and at worst offensive for an unjust law that destroyed the lives of countless men

Appiah states the obvious on religion & fundamentalism

Elizabeth Oldfield discusses Kwame Anthony Appiah's opening Reith Lecture on religious belief and 'mistaken identities'

What are we doing about mental health?

We are worried about the state of our mental health. And rightly so, it seems. What are Christians doing about it?

More religious extremism, please!

It's Desmond Tutu's 85th birthday. We need more religious extremists like him.

Cowardice that inspires revolt

Ben Ryan reflects on the recent referendums in Hungary and Columbia respectively, showing why they are almost always a bad idea and a sign of cowardice

Banking on ethics: is greed really good?

David McIlroy offers a fourfold antidote to the banking scandals

What do you know? Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

The unknown known and the known unknown or what Donald Rumsfeld can teach us about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

The Labour Party is a secular church at war with itself

Will the Labour party survive in its current form after the leadership contest? Paul Bickley offers three pieces of advice

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