Mapping Chaplaincy in Norfolk: A Report

Chaplains are increasingly the face of public religion. This report explores the chaplaincy landscape in Norfolk.

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Is Jesus an extremist?

Following a new ComRes survey of the British public, Ben Ryan asks whether there is any place for Jesus-like extremism today

Exorcisms do matter, but they’re a small part of the story

Ben Ryan on coverage of our report Christianity and Mental Health

How (not) to politicize Grenfell

When it comes to religion or politics, those that go to Grenfell should be aiming to give and not take.

Tim Farron Failed the Progressive Test

David Barclay on why politics is increasingly a form of war on those we disagree with.

Too soon reflections after the elections

Four quick takes on the general election by Ben Ryan

Can Robots Be People? - It's more complicated than that

In a guest post, Jennie Pollock suggests that 'personhood' can't be applied to technological consciousness.

When does a robot become a person?

A blog from Nick Spencer following Wednesday's event on ethics, AI and robots.

Why we need more from the election than slogans and abuse

Nick Spencer writes for Christian Today on our politicians on trial and the upcoming election

The Rich List: Our distorted attitude about accumulation

Recent publication of the Rich List acts as a timely reminder to question the accumulation of wealth in the UK

Post-Blair, how we lost faith in political heroes

Ben Ryan writes about our political leaders placed on pedestals from which they will inevitably fall.

Driverless cars: talking ourselves out of the driver's seat

Does the way we speak about technological progress need to change?

Yet another bl**dy election ?!

Can there really be such thing as 'too much' democracy?

Looking down the well at the resurrection

Nick Spencer's writes on recent ComRes data showing british belief in the Easter Story

Doing Good, Better - Introducing Social Innovation

How are faith-based organisations responding to social need in innovative ways? Paul Bickley outlines our latest research on this.

Death, Politics and Reconcilation in Northern Ireland

Ben Ryan writes on a 'united Ireland'

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