A Soul for the Union

This report argues that if the EU is going to be worth saving, it needs to find a moral purpose that resonates with its citizens.

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The Sound of Music

Dr Rupert Sheldrake on one of the great cultural and religious treasures of the Anglican Church, Choral Evensong.

Storm in a Gay Cake Tin

Nick Spencer samples the gay cake row

Does Europe need to be a Christian continent?

Ben Ryan on the European Union's need for an identity

The EU Needs Its Soul Back

Ben Ryan writes on the problem of Europe following the release of new report 'A Soul for the Union'

Must Cecil Rhodes fall?

Nick Spencer comments on the Rhodes controversy and how we deal with the past

Iran and Saudi Arabia: piety or politics?

Dr Simon Mabon on the role of religion and politics in the rivalries between Iran and Saudi Arabia

Middle-eastern couple seek refuge this Christmas

Steve Holmes, author of Theos' report 'The Politics of Christmas', discusses the link between the plight of Syrian refugees and the Bible

Climate agreement: the good, the bad & the authentically positive

Dr Jonathan Rowson discusses the outcome of Paris COP21

Donald Trump, Muslims and ‘representing the people’

Nick Spencer on Islamophobia and why Donald Trump is so dangerous

Does ‘not saying no’ mean ‘yes’?

The move towards deemed consent in organ donation may not be in the best interests of our society.

Living with difference in a changing society

Angus Ritchie discusses a new report from the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life

Non-religion in Religious Education – why it’s a good thing

Why non-religious worldviews and beliefs should be included in RE

Storm in a Chalice

Nick Spencer on the Lord's Prayer, not coming to a cinema near you.

This is not a war

Within hours of the attacks on Paris on Friday night, President Hollande had called them an an act of war.

Sitting in Silence after the Paris Attacks

Elizabeth Oldfield on why sometimes silence is the most appropriate reaction.

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