The Case for Christian Humanism

Nick Spencer and Angus Ritchie set out "Why Christians should believe in humanism, and humanists in Christianity"

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Governance in sport: who watches the watchmen?

In the face of alleged corruption in governing bodies we should have more to offer than weary resignation, argues Ben Ryan

Religion and sport: a new normal

Matt Baker from Sports Chaplaincy UK blogs on the rise, and rise, of sport chaplaincy

Sport and trickledown

Sporting wealth isn't trickling but pooling, argues Sam Tomlin in the next of our sport themed blogs.

Religion in the ring: death, concussion and brain bleeds

In the first of a series on faith and sport, Nick Watson and Brian Brock explore the ethics boxing and mixed method martial arts

The Ten Commandments of Sport

To coincide with the recent release of a Christians in Sport/Bible Society report by Theos, Paul Bickley introduces a series of sport-themed blogs.

The Case for Christian Humanism: a response to Stephen Law

Angus Ritchie and Nick Spencer respond to Stephen Law's criticism of "The Case for Christian Humanism"

The Case for Christian Humanism

Nick Spencer and Angus Ritchie discuss the latest Theos report - The Case for Christian Humanism

Public Christianity and the passing of ecclesiastical whack-a-mole

Nick Spencer reflects on the 7th Annual Theos lecture

Will faith fill the gaps in the welfare system?

With local authorities stretched by austerity, the space for faith-groups to operate in the public sector is growing

Remembering the Great War – and the Dead

Frank Cottrell Boyce looks at what war and grief actually do to faith

Religion deserves a better hearing than the Huffington Post is providing

When it comes to morality and a role in public life religion has a lot to shout about - and deserves the chance to do so.

Post-liberalism needs a moral frame

In the wake of David Goodhart's Theos lecture, Tom Andrew asks what a Christian contribution to post-liberal politics might look like

Fundamentalist economics and Cretan restaurants

Clifford Longley reflects on neoliberal capitalism and striving for the common good

A synod to define a Papacy

Ben Ryan argues it isn't what liberal critics want it to be - but the ramifications of this synod are very radical indeed.

AC Grayling Proves the Need for Religious Education

Religious education teacher Kenny Primrose examines AC Grayling's case for a redrawn RE curriculum

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