The Mighty and the Almighty: How Political Leaders Do God

A book exploring how different Christian politicians have used (and abused) religion in their politics. Read the introduction online here.

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Yet another bl**dy election ?!

Can there really be such thing as 'too much' democracy?

Looking down the well at the resurrection

Nick Spencer's writes on recent ComRes data showing british belief in the Easter Story

Doing Good, Better - Introducing Social Innovation

How are faith-based organisations responding to social need in innovative ways? Paul Bickley outlines our latest research on this.

Death, Politics and Reconcilation in Northern Ireland

Ben Ryan writes on a 'united Ireland'

The Westminster Attacks

Nick Spencer reflects on the events of 22 March.

Why do we love aliens but not immigrants?

Why do we reject the stranger at our door, but run after the one outside our solar system?

A post-truth too far

Ben Ryan tests the limits of "post-truth" politics, can there really be one lie too far?

Religion no longer the glue for national identity - is anything?

Ben Ryan reflects on collective identities and the role of the Church

How much is too much?

Why is the Church Investors Group concerned about excessive pay deals? James Corah explains in this guest blog

Romania’s protests and the Romanian Christian community

How is the Romanian church responding to the recent protests?

The Christian Case for Defending Refugees from Trump's Ban

Donald Trump's ban goes against the grain of Christian teaching

Christian Social Liturgy - a final word (for now)

To round of our mini-series, Nick Spencer responds to feedback and offers some clarifications on the deliberately awkward phrase 'Christian Social Liturgy'

Social liturgy and social innovation

In the fifth installment of our mini-series, Paul Bickley writes on social innovation and social liturgy.

Chaplaincy as Christian Social Liturgy

In the fourth instalment of our mini series Liturgy, Natan Mladin reflects on chaplaincy as an expression of Christian Social Liturgy

Hilfield Friary and Unnecessary Good

The story of how the Hilfield Friary became essential to its local community.

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