The Problem of Proselytism

Our newest report argues that there's little evidence that religious charities proselytize as part of their community action.

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Storm in a Chalice

Nick Spencer on the Lord's Prayer, not coming to a cinema near you.

This is not a war

Within hours of the attacks on Paris on Friday night, President Hollande had called them an an act of war.

Sitting in Silence after the Paris Attacks

Elizabeth Oldfield on why sometimes silence is the most appropriate reaction.

Failure to criticize Modi ultimately Britain’s loss

Ben Ryan writes ahead of Indian PM Modi's UK visit

Religious Freedom: a global priority

Elizabeth Oldfield reflects on a theme running through world news

We need to talk about proselytism

The language of proselytism doesn’t name suspicions, it breeds them.

Invisible immigrants: asylum seekers in UK detention centres

In the midst of the migrant crisis, we must not forget the plight of asylum seekers detained in UK immigration centres

The Fair Admissions Campaign that never was

The latest BHA report on religious selection is a classic example of focusing on specks of dust before beams of wood

Who should pay for access to justice?

Andrew Caplen, former President of the Law Society, welcomes Labour's review of legal aid policy

The Pope and the secular problem at the heart of American politics

Ben Ryan argues that Catholic Republicans' secular mindset prevents them from engaging with Pope.

The politics of immorality and the immorality of politics

Paul Bickley casts an analytical eye on David Cameron's #piggate scandal

Using the tools of a police state to protect freedom?

Why is the government planning to keep registers of faith leaders and define their training?

Australia's revolving door leadership: are polls to blame?

Malcolm Turnbull has just become Australia’s 29th prime minister, ousting Tony Abbott in a leadership spill[1] on Monday.

To sing or not to sing

Does Jeremy Corbyn have right to remain silent?

Is Sunday special?

The Government is consulting on proposals to allow local authorities to change Sunday opening hours for large stores. Should we care?

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