The Church and the Charter

Thomas Andrew explores the forgotten Christian contributions to our most iconic legal document - Magna Carta.

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What would Saint Gaudi mean for neutral secular space?

A campaign to have the architect Gaudi made a saint reveals some of the tensions in how we perceive the public square

We really do need a good right

David Cameron is back in Downing Street, but he would do well not to treat it as approval.

How could independents have a greater impact in UK politics?

The case for independents is growing, but the system needs to catch up.

A Psalm of Ascent

In our next piece on the future of British politics, Doug Gay explores the rise, and rise, of the Scottish National Party.

How is British politics changing?

With one week to go until election day, we'll be hosting a series of blogs on political realignment. How is British politics changing?

Will a new Labour party appear from the blue?

Can a commitment to greater economic equality be married to 'conservative' commitments to family, faith, and locality?

It doesn’t have to be like this

Andrew Bradstock and Jenny Sinclair argue that now is the time to forge a new politics which has the common good at its heart

Would you like to have more power?

Angus Ritchie discusses how we can put the common good back into the heart of our political and economic systems

Politicians at Easter and Bishops at Election

Simon Perfect argues politicians should be able to do God, but they must extend respect to religious leaders speaking about politics

Secularism is not the answer

Nick Spencer asks what lies beneath the word 'secular'

Humanism and chaplaincy

David Savage argues the case for non-religious chaplaincy

Muslim chaplaincy in higher education

Asgar Halim Rajput describes the needs of Muslim chaplains and how to meet them

A former chaplaincy assistant speaks

Maddy Fry claims financial threats to university chaplaincies can disadvantage staff and students

When the curtain comes down, the cast go back to their ordinary lives

Lindsay Meader talks about the importance of theatre chaplains

The Changing Face of Chaplaincy

Andrew Todd explains how despite its range of locations, chaplaincy always has pastoral care at its core

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