Religion and Well-being: Assessing the Evidence

It is often reported that religion is good for 'well-being'. This report evaluates the evidence from nearly 140 academic studies.

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Banking on ethics: is greed really good?

David McIlroy offers a fourfold antidote to the banking scandals

What do you know? Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

The unknown known and the known unknown or what Donald Rumsfeld can teach us about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

The Labour Party is a secular church at war with itself

Will the Labour party survive in its current form after the leadership contest? Paul Bickley offers three pieces of advice

Britain cannot turn its back on refugees

The moral strength of a society is measured by its compassion.

May’s education speech: don’t major on the minors

The Prime Minister is committed to faith schools, but that's not the most important thing about her speech

Labour must reach out to communities of faith

How did the Labour leadership candidates reach out to faith groups?

Did Mother Teresa deserve to be canonised?

Why did the Vatican choose to make Mother Teresa a saint?

The West's secular liberalism has become its own religion

Ben Ryan reflects on a crisis of values in the West.

The 'Burkini' ban plays into the hands of ISIS

What does the 'Burkini ban' say about the state of modern France?

British exam systems are not fit for purpose

Is the British exam system outdated? Theos' Ben Ryan assesses the evidence.

How cynical populism has created a culture of victimhood politics

Paul Bickley examines the rise of 'victimhood politics'.

It's just a phase we're going through

How to talk about the irreligious West?

After an attack on a church, where next for secular France?

An attack on a Church should tell us something about ourselves. Should we be tweeting #JeSuisCatholique?

Can Theresa May combat 'Islamist extremism'?

Quilliam's Jonathan Russell argues that Theresa May does recognise the dangers of Islamism in Britain.

Can British Muslims trust Theresa May?

Theresa May will have to invest in a serious amount of outreach to heal relations with Muslim communities.

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