Catholic Social Thought and Catholic Charities in Britain Today

This new research analyses Catholic charities in Britain, looking at how far they embody Catholic Social Thought in their practices.

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Applying Catholic Social Teaching to Investment?

Elizabeth Oldfield spoke at the Catholic Charity Conference 2016 about applying Catholic Social Teaching to investment

This Is London with Ben Judah

Journalist and author Ben Judah will come to talk about life and death in an increasingly religious city

Heaven, the Bible & Public Theology

Theologian Paula Gooder explores heaven’s role in the Bible & reflects on what place it might have in public theology today.

Do we need a British Bill of Rights?

Dominic Grieve MP came to speak and answer questions on the British Bill of Rights at Theos on Thursday 4 February.

What does the future hold for the UK church?

Everyone knows the narrative - the church in the UK is in decline. But is it that simple?

Faith, Wisdom and Science

What's wrong with the present "science and religion" debate? Tom McLeish will challenge popular assumptions at the Theos office

Freedom of religion and freedom of expression

The Theos Annual Lecture 2015 was given by Onora O'Neill, Baroness O'Neill of Bengarve at the Inner Temple, London

Does Humanism need Christianity?

We bring leading Christian and humanist thinkers together to discuss what humanism can learn from Christianity

A Place of Refuge: An Evening with Tobias Jones

Tobias Jones discusses the joys and struggles of life in community, and what it means to really follow Christ

Magna Carta, Christianity and the Future of Liberty

Listen to the audio from our recent event in Parliament launching our new report on the Magna Carta

Beyond the Dogmas of Science?: Rupert Sheldrake and Keith Fox

Rupert Sheldrake on the nature, foundations and limits of science

Beyond election day - highlights

Highlight clips from the Theos event with St Paul's Institute and Together for the Common Good 'Beyond Election Day'

Beyond Election Day: Putting common good back into politics

Craig Calhoun, Shami Chakrabarti, Conor Kehoe, Loretta Minghella debate how to put the common good back into politics - April 2015

Theos Chaplaincy conference March 2015

Andrew Todd, Ataullah Siddiqui, Ben Ryan and Joy Carter discuss the future of chaplaincy in the UK

Theos Annual Lecture 2014

Will Hutton - How good we could be: Morality, economics and the future of Britain. Q&A with Jon Cruddas and David Willetts.

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