The Mighty and the Almighty: How Political Leaders Do God

A book exploring how different Christian politicians have used (and abused) religion in their politics. Read the introduction online here.

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The Christian roots of liberal values

Join Nick Spencer and Theo Hobson for an evening discussing Christianity's influence on Western values

Can religious believers and atheists agree about anything?

Join us for a discussion of atheism, religion and the question of whether believers and unbelievers agree on anything

Reclaiming Hope: a conversation with Michael Wear

Lessons learned in the Obama White House about the future of faith in America

Raising funds for Christian Charities and Churches

Join Theos' Acting Director Nick Spencer and Ben Ryan for a unique one-day conference on funding and fundraising for Christian causes

The Autumn Catholic Charity Seminar

John Ben Ryan for the Autumn Catholic Charity Seminar in London, hosted by guest sponsors Smith & Williamson

Durham Explore Day: Religion and Well-being

Join Nick Spencer in St John's College, Durham for a discussion of our new report on the relationship between religion and well-being

Liveable London: Wellbeing, Resilience and City Life

This event at St Paul's Cathedral will discuss how London can be resilient in the face of current economic and political challenges

Europe and the need for a global ethical dimension

This post-Brexit debate asks whether the European experience shows how we can build a global ethic for a sustainable future

Reimagining Europe: Christian perspectives on the EU referendum

Theos Researcher Ben Ryan discusses Christian perspectives on the EU referendum at Portsmouth Cathedral

Magna Carta at 801: Christian Perspectives on the EU Debate

The Archbishop of Canterbury's former Representative to the EU, Canon Dr Gary Wilton, discusses the EU decision with Ben Ryan

Soul for the Union: why the debate is on the wrong issues

Ben Ryan sets out an alternative, moral dimension to the EU debate, and urges us to think about more than just economics

Faith-based perspectives on the EU Referendum

Ben Ryan will be in Belfast on 13th June, offering a faith perspective on the EU referendum

How should Christians vote? Thinking biblically about Brexit

Ben Ryan speaking at St Paul's Dorking on a Christian perspective on the European Union referendum debate

Chaplaincy in Action Conference

Chaplaincy has changed. Ben Ryan will be on a panel at the third in a series of Chaplaincy Conferences, 'Chaplaincy in Action'.

EU Referendum Debate

Join Ben Ryan and the Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP for an EU referendum debate and panel discussion, 8th June 2016

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