That they all may be one: Insights into English ecumenism

This report explores ecumenism in England. It focuses on Churches Together in England, identifying its strengths and the challenges it faces.

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The Parish: Has it Had its Day?

Nick Spencer joins others for a 'Moral Maze'-style panel event on the future of The Parish

Believing in Poetry in a Secular Age

If we live in a secular age, you wouldn’t know it from our poetry. Canon Mark Oakley and poet Michael Symmons Roberts join us to discuss.

Faith and Citizenship: A divided allegiance?

How should Christians deal with tensions arising between faith and citizenship? A panel debate launching a new book in Parliament.

Genes, Determinism and God

Denis Alexander discusses the challenges of behavioural genetics for faith

Fake news, faith, and the future of Democracy

Should we trust news we read online? Journalist James Ball will discuss his new book on fake news and its consequences for democracy.

The Church in the Time of Trump

US Theologian Stanley Hauerwas will look at what role the church played in enabling Trump's victory

Mental Health and Poverty

Ben Ryan joins other experts from across the Diocese of London to discuss the link between poverty and mental health

Robots, humans, and the ethics of AI

A conversation on the ethical and existential challenges of deep AI and robotics with Prof John Wyatt and Dr. Beth Singler

The Evolution of the West: How Christianity has Shaped our Values

Nick Spencer argues that it is wrong to write Christianity out of the development of our modern values

The Christian roots of liberal values

Join Nick Spencer and Theo Hobson for an evening discussing Christianity's influence on Western values

Can religious believers and atheists agree about anything?

Join us for a discussion of atheism, religion and the question of whether believers and unbelievers agree on anything

Conservative Christian Fellowship's Westminster Briefing

Ben Ryan speaking about Europe and Brexit on the 7th of March

Reclaiming Hope: a conversation with Michael Wear

Lessons learned in the Obama White House about the future of faith in America

Giving everyone some money: A Christian thing to do?

A conversation about the idea of a 'basic income' for everyone, with Dr. Malcolm Torry, Director of Citizen's Income Trust, and Prof Philip Booth of the IEA and St. Mary's University

Raising funds for Christian Charities and Churches

Join Theos' Acting Director Nick Spencer and Ben Ryan for a unique one-day conference on funding and fundraising for Christian causes

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