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In Defence of the Flawed Nobel Peace Prize

What is the relevance of the Nobel Prize today?


That they all may be one: Insights into English ecumenism

This report explores ecumenism in England. It focuses on Churches Together in England, identifying its strengths and the challenges it faces.


Over the years we've worked with politicians, policy professionals, faith leaders, media and more. Here are some of the things people say about Theos.


 “I became convinced, particularly when I was Education Secretary and then Home Secretary, that the importance of religion in our national life is insufficiently thought about, insufficiently discussed, insufficiently considered, and it’s critically important for our welfare as a society in a wide variety of ways that we are able to discuss these things in an informed and positive way, and most important of all, on the basis of proper research and understanding of the society of which we are a part. Theos is one of the few places where this is really happening.”

                            Charles Clarke, former MP and Home Secretary

"In today’s increasingly complex and polarised world, the challenges facing humanity are immense. Theos brings a clarity of research and analysis on the modern world by drawing on religious thinking and showing how it is still relevant and timely today."

Chris Bain, Director, CAFOD

"Theos initiatives (written, spoken, long, short, proactive or reflective) are not only excellent in themselves, but reach places which other don't.  A welcome antidote to a public conversation about faith which all too often is not only ill-informed but ill-mannered."

Grace Davie, Professor Emeritus in the Sociology of Religion, University of Exeter

"Since its inception, Theos has provided an extremely valuable service to thinking people concerned with some of the contemporary problems of faith, culture and public policy. It’s publications and events have furnished the kind of informed and critical perspectives that challenge many of the specious arguments of those who want to expunge religion or faith-informed discourse from the public square. I have certainly benefitted from the work of this unashamedly Christian think tank. I commend its work and wish it well as it continues to provide the kind of prophetic, political and cultural discernment that is need in the public square for the common good."

David Muir, Theology and Religious Studies lecturer, University of Roehampton

"It was a great privilege for me to give the annual Theos lecture in 2009 and I have long been an admirer of your work. I commend your tireless efforts in promoting public theology in Britain."

Lord Sacks, Emeritus Chief Rabbi

"Theos continues to meet a long felt need for a think thank that believes the Christian Faith has a political as well as a personal dimension. Non-political in a party sense, it provides balanced and in-depth discussion on how the Christian Faith might impinge on a range public policy issues.”

Lord Harries of Pentregarth, the former Bishop of Oxford

"Theos has done a huge amount to raise the level of public debate about religion. It has won respect for its high-quality research and respect for honest enquiry."

Linda Woodhead, Professor of Sociology of Religion, Lancaster University

"Theos provides rare proof that theology can be interesting and relevant even - perhaps especially - for those who do not believe."

Julian Baggini, Writer, journalist and founding editor of The Philosopher's Magazine.

"Thank goodness for Theos - a think tank that recognises just how deep the foundations of the future lie buried in the past. It adds so much to public discourse in this country."

Tom Holland, historian, author of In the Shadow of the Sword: The Battle for Global Empire and the End of the Ancient World and Dynasty: The Rise and Fall of the House of Caesar

"Being an institution deeply rooted in its Christian foundation, the University of Winchester truly values the wisdom and thought leadership of Theos. I personally find it reassuring to know that debates about the future of our country in a rapidly changing world are informed by the thoughtful and rigorous work coming out of Theos."

Joy Carter, Professor and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Winchester

"Theos blend faith and policy in a creative and energetic way."


Dilwar Hussain, Head of Policy, Policy Research Centre, Islamic Foundation.


"[Theos] essays are of a high order of reasoning [and they] certainly enrich public debate in a way that few other Christian bodies manage to do."

Studies in Christian Ethics


"Theos is an inspired idea - and fills a big gap in our culture."

Edward Stourton, journalist and presenter of the BBC Radio 4 programme Sunday


"In an age when discussion of religion is all too often caught between extremist aggression and secularist intolerance, Theos offers a perspective that is distinctly Christian yet at the same time accessible and thought-provoking."

Charles Moore, journalist and former editor of The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator

"For the last ten years Theos has been reminding us what the gospel means for our public life – which the church often forgets and the world often mocks. This work is now more necessary than ever, and we look to Theos to give a lead in the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead."

Tom Wright, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews

"Among the most pressing political challenges of our time is to define the politics of the common good - ways of resisting the relentless commodification of our lives, our families and our communities. Theos shows us how the Christian tradition has a huge part to play in meeting that challenge."

Jon Cruddas MP 

"Politics must ultimately be a moral endeavour. Neutrality – even secular neutrality – is not a serious option. Theos gets this, and in the 10 years since they were founded they have consistently provided an intelligent and well-researched Christian view on contemporary public life. You don’t have to agree with them, still less be a Christian, to benefit from what they have to say."

Frank Field MP