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The Westminster Attacks

Nick Spencer reflects on the events of 22 March.


The Mighty and the Almighty: How Political Leaders Do God

A book exploring how different Christian politicians have used (and abused) religion in their politics. Read the introduction online here.

Media Contacts

Theos team members are available to provide comment, opinion and analysis on a wide range of subjects related to religion and society.

Hussein Kesvani

Media and Communications Consultant | @HKesvani
07814 093457

Hussein is responsible for Theos' social media and communications strategyHe was previously a religion reporter at BuzzFeed News and has covered hostile environments and conflict zones for a number of press agencies. He is a contributing writer to a number of publications, including the Independent, The Spectator and Vice magazine.


Elizabeth Oldfield (formerly Elizabeth Hunter)

Elizabeth has written on the place of Christianity in British public life, education, and the relationship between religion and media, and regularly speaks on BBC Radio 4's Thought for the Day.




Nick Spencer

Nick has written on atheism, humanism and evolution, religious trends in the UK, religious freedom, welfare state, and well-being.

Research Director


07914 723 839

Paul Bickley

Paul has written on religion and the constitution, sport, Christianity and the Labour Party, Blue Labour, and the role of Faith-Based Organisations in the provision of public services.

Director of Political Programme


07789 943 527 

Ben Ryan

Ben has written on chaplaincy, Europe and Catholic Social Thought and charitable activity. 



07823 400 680