Doing Good: A Future for Christianity in the 21st Century

Theos launches 'Doing Good', a report on the future of Christianity, drawing on a decade of research.

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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Scientists talk to the faithful about climate change

Episcopal priest Rev. Fletcher Harper speaks at the annual conference on Advancement of Science

The Social Scientific Case Against a Muslim Ban

Social Scientists highlight the threat that Islamophia poses to Americans

UK university campuses to tackle rise in antisemitism

Following a wave of antisemitic instances on campuses throughout the UK, universities are urged to tackle the the issue

Bishops to repair divisions over same-sex relationships

Church of England bishops are instructed to meet with members of their diocese in an attempt to repair relationships over same-sex marriage

Pope: Migration is a challenge for growth

Pope Francis, reunited with a Syrian refugee brought home from Lesbos, claims migration poses an opportunity for growth

Welby: Brexit Britain needs the Church

Justin Welby speaks of the importance of the Church in re-shaping post-Brexit Britain

Does the Bible actually advocate for Sanctuary Cities?

What does the Bible say about sanctuary for refugees?

Freedom Of Religion According To Thomas Jefferson

Thoughts on faith from America's founding father.

Glitter Ash Wednesday’ sparkles for LGBT Christians and others

Groups of Christians in New York are calling for a 'queer positive' Ash Wednesday.

Beyonce, A Tribe Called Quest bring religion to Grammys

How religion took centre stage at the 2017 Grammy awards.

Mosques Want to Offer Sanctuary, but Will Anyone Accept?

How US mosques are attempting to become sanctuaries for refugees

Trump Vows to ‘Destroy’ Law Banning Political Endorsements by Churches

How Trump could disrupt the work of American Catholic charities.

Australian archbishop: 'We hang our heads in shame’

The church responds to reports of sexual abuse in the clergy.

Steve Bannon Carries Battles to Another Influential Hub: The Vatican

How Presidential Advisor Steven Bannon is forging relationships at the heart of Christianity.

Why do so many Americans believe that Islam is a political ideology?

Looking into the core of the Trump administration's strategy with Islam

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