Mapping Chaplaincy in Norfolk: A Report

Chaplains are increasingly the face of public religion. This report explores the chaplaincy landscape in Norfolk.

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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Caste discrimination turns to Hindus to Christianity in Nepal

Statistics from the World Christian Database suggest growing turn to Christianity in Nepal

Pope Francis joins Catholics in praying for Barcelona victims

Pope Francis joins Catholics in praying for victims of 'utterly reprehensible' attack

Catholics largest faith group in England and Wales prisons

Catholicism overtakes Anglicanism in prisons, shows new study

Kim Jong-un 'no longer seen as God' as North Koreans 'place their faith elsewhere'

The religious climate slowly changes in North Korea

Two-Thirds of Americans Claim They Are "Sinners"

New study of 1,000 Americans reveals majority identify as "sinners"

Modi calls for rejection of religious violence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged India on Tuesday to reject religious violence.

On addiction and religion

On the religious undertones of Alcoholics Anonymous

Trumps evangelicals need to do the right thing

Just because you’re an evangelical big shot doesn’t mean you’ve lost your moral compass.

Documentary delves into perceptions of different faiths in Singapore

What do Singaporeans find acceptable and offensive when it comes to public statements that touch on Islam?

Evangelicals, Trump and the politics of Redemption

The evangelical Christian movement in America is being compromised.

Religion is too important to ignore

By the time of America’s founding, we had moved beyond religious toleration to an American understanding of religious liberty, which is enshrined in our founding documents.

The uncomfortable truths about grooming gangs

Spectator's overview of three paper's perspectives on recent slavery revelations

Is Scientology having a second coming?

Do their presence at Grenfell signal the revival of the world's most controversial religion?

The Anzac post, outrage & a debate about race

Ongoing consequences of Yassmin Abdel-Magied's controversial Facebook post

The myth of a tolerant, inclusive Britain

Despite the new religion of diversity, Jamieson fears the rise of liberal absolutism

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