The Mighty and the Almighty: How Political Leaders Do God

A book exploring how different Christian politicians have used (and abused) religion in their politics. Read the introduction online here.

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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'Religious left' emerging as U.S. political force in Trump era

Responding to the Trump presidency, the religious left in the U.S. finds a political voice

C of E creates new bishop as too 'quintessentially English'

New Bishop of Loughborough to reach out to ethnic minorities and reflect cultural changes

Should we blame Islam for terrorism?

The special status of Islam or turbulent geopolitics. Who is to blame for terrorism?

London's Muslims raise £18,000 in one day for victims of terror attack

Muslims United for London co-ordinated a crowdfunding campaign which saw the amount of money skyrocket in the first hour.

Theresa May: wrong to label London attacks as 'Islamic' terrorism

The Prime Minister said the attacker's suspected ideology was a 'perversion of a great faith'

Faith leaders 'stand in solidarity' in wake of Westminster attack

Faith leaders unite against terror outside Scotland Yard

Vigils to be held in Trafalgar Square at 6pm

Mayor invites Londoners to come together for vigil following Westminster attack

"Vicar of Baghdad" claims Christianity in Iraq is finished

Canon Andrew White reaches painstaking conclusion that Christianity is over in the land where it began

Quarter of state primary schools are 'ethnically segregated'

Ethical segregation in primary schools, particularly faith schools across England

Religious countries likely to perform worse in science and maths, study finds

Study claims that countries that are religious score lower in educational performance

Restoration of Jesus’s tomb signals new cooperation

Ecumenical ceremony inaugurates the Edicule and signals a big step in Church unity

Islam is still the world's fastest growing religion

A new study from Pew shows that Islam is still the world's fastest growing religion.

Pope asks forgiveness for church role in Rwanda genocide

Pope Francis acknowledges the Church's responsibilities in the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide.

Seeking Justice in Difficult Times

A personal essay on the future of Evangelism in America.

Israel’s women stand up to religious hardliners

The latest battle over women's increasingly restricted role in public life in Israel

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