Doing Good Better: The Case for Faith-based Social Innovation

This report examines how faith organisations are responding to social need in innovative ways, and asks what can be learnt from them.

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Religion in the Media

A daily roundup of media stories about religion.

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Choosing not to give your children religion seen as 'selfish'

Opinion: What are the consequences of not being religious in Ireland?

Pope names five new cardinals outside of the Vatican

The Pope is shaking up the Vatican with his latest pick of senior Churchmen.

Trump delivers Islam speech in Saudi Arabia

US President Donald Trump has urged Muslim countries to take the lead in combating radicalisation in a major speech in Saudi Arabia.

Existence of God: Professor's argument from mathematics for human consciousness

Robert H. Nelson of Maryland University explains his conviction that God exists

Penny Wong says marriage equality fight proves need for separation of church and state

Applying religious beliefs to the laws of a secular society leads ‘not only to confusion but also to inequity' she says

Trump's speech on Islam to be drafted by 'Muslim ban' writer

Stephen Miller previously drafted the administration's failed travel ban

Boris Johnson berated in Sikh temple

Boris Johnson discusses improving the whisky trade with India among alcohol-free Sikhs

Intelligent people can over come the 'instinct' of religion

Religion is instinctive and the most intelligent people atheists who have risen above it.

Religion and mental illness form a complex relationship

What role can religion play in understanding mental illness?

Religion in schools breeds good morals, high court told

The case is part of the wider debate on secularism in schools.

Trump to give Islam speech in Saudi Arabia

Trump will give the controversial speech on his state visit to the Kingdom.

Italian court upholds ban on Sikhs carrying knives

Italian Supreme Court rules against Sikh migrant carrying ceremonial knife in public

Sweden gives Bible tests to Christian asylum seekers

Sweden's Asylum Agency criticised for testing converted Christian asylum seekers on the faith

Tim Farron says he's pro-choice

Despite his 2007 interview, Farron says abortion should be "safe and legal and that the limit should be set by science"

A quarter of 'non religious' Britons pray

An increasing number of 'non-religious' Britons admit they pray to God.

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