Doing Good Better: The Case for Faith-based Social Innovation

This report examines how faith organisations are responding to social need in innovative ways, and asks what can be learnt from them.

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Theos in the Media

Theos team members appear and our research is quoted regularly in mainstream media across broadcast, print and digital. This page includes the highlights.

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TWR NewsDesk

Ben Ryan talks to TWR about this week's news stories

Trump is an idiot who wants you to be in his reality show

Christian Today covers Theos' event with Stanley Hauerwas

Can a committed Christian lead a political party?

The wrong kind of liberal. Nick Spencer's article for the Tablet on Farron's resignation and the two faces of liberalism

BBC Radio 4: Sunday

Nick Spencer discusses Farron's resignation, Christians in politics and liberalism today

Why no politician needs to be a martyr to their faith

Theos quoted in The Guardian's article on Farron's resignation

Farron's resignation symbolises the decay of liberalism

Nick Spencer's article for New Statesman on Farron and liberalism

BBC 5 Live

Nick Spencer interviewed by Chris Warburton on Farron's resignation

Christian Today: can Christians do politics?

Nick Spencer comments on the faith of Angela Merkel

Tim Farron and the two kinds of liberalism

Nick Spencer's article for Total Politics on Farron and liberalism

Tim Farron's resignation should make us wary of those who pretend to be tolerant and liberal

Nick Spencer comments for the Telegraph on Tim Farron's resignation over faith

TWR News

Ben Ryan speaks to TWR about the French Election result and religion in politics

Premier's 'Inspirational Breakfast' show

Ben Ryan appears on Premier's Inspirational Breakfast show on Friday morning to discuss election result

Recovering a more complex story of the Christian West

Nick Spencer's recent book 'The Evolution of the West' is reviewed by The Witherspoon Institute

God's Own Country: Rethinking Christian Patriotism

Premier Christianity's June issue quotes Nick Spencer on Christianity and other identities

Premier poll: It's important the PM is a Christian

Paul Bickley discusses Premier poll on the importance of the faith of the PM

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