The Case for Christian Humanism

Nick Spencer and Angus Ritchie set out "Why Christians should believe in humanism, and humanists in Christianity"


A Very Modern Ministry: Chaplaincy in the UK.

A major project on the scope and value of chaplaincy in the UK today.


Is there a “Religious Right” emerging in Britain?


30th January 2013


Recent years have seen an increasing number of claims that a US-style Religious Right either exists or is rapidly emerging in Britain. This forthcoming report examines whether the claims are accurate.

"This report gives a reliable overview of evidence concerning the purported rise of the Christian Right in Britian. Drawing on new research, it profiles several new Christian groups. By placing them in context, it shows why rumours that an American style movement is crossing the Atlantic are greatly exaggerated."

Linda Woodhead, Professor of Sociology of Religion, Lancaster University

"This is a measured and thoughtful piece of research, contributing to a topic where there is too much heat and too little light in contemporary debate. It assesses the presence – or, rather, the current absence – of a coherent ‘Religious Right’ in British politics through a detailed comparison with the characteristics of the movement in the US. This report should be read in its entirety by academics researching the role of religion in British life as well as by journalists, commentators and members of civil society groups who engage with faith issues."

Ben Clements, Lecturer in Politics, Leicester University

"The notion of a ‘Religious Right’ in this country makes good copy. That is why the idea is appropriated – or more accurately misappropriated – by the media. This carefully researched report suggests a more apposite interpretation of the data. It is to be warmly welcomed."

Grace Davie, Professor of Sociology, University of Exeter