The apparent stand-off between Christianity and science is a recent and artificial phenomenon. For most of its history, Christianity has been hugely supportive of the natural sciences, its theological commitments providing the soil from which the scientific revolution emerged.

Theos believes that not only is it possible to be a practicing scientist to the highest level and a Christian believer, or to ‘do God’ and to ‘do Darwin’, but these are the positions one would expect from Christian thought.

Our work in this area has focused primarily on evolution and the on-going dialogue between Darwinism and theism, arguing for theistic evolution and against both creationism and Intelligent Design on one hand, and fundamentalist Darwinism on the other.

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Doubting Darwin

This report explores creationism and evolution scepticism in Britain today.

Discussing Darwin

This report is an extended interview with Mary Midgley.

Faith and Darwin

This report explores the link between faith and Darwin, exploring whether there is harmony, conflict or confusion there.

Darwin and God by Nick Spencer

Nick Spencer gives the first full-length account of Darwin’s religious beliefs to be published in the UK.

Rescuing Darwin

This report explores the concept of God and evolution in Britain today.

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