Once upon a time economists were theologians and moral philosophers before they were economists. Today, economics sees itself as an autonomous, rational, scientific discipline, free from moral considerations.

Theos believes that this is wrong. Economic thought (and business practice) needs to be embedded in ideas of the good. Humans are not the self-interested, rational, calculative individuals of economic theory but fallible, relational persons – and this needs to be recognised.

Our research in this area looks at ideas of well-being and the common good, rooted in Catholic Social Teaching.

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Wholly Living: A new perspective on international development

International development is predicated on the idea on what it is to live well. But what is it to live well?

Why Human Flourishing? A Theological Commentary

Briefing paper 1: Celia Deane-Drummond offers a theological analysis of the idea of human flourishing

A Christian Vision of Human Flourishing

Briefing paper 2: Nick Spencer looks at what Christian thought has to say about human flourishing

Human Flourishing And The UK Economic Model

Briefing paper 3: Séverine Deneulin looks at human flourishing and economics

Governance For Human Flourishing

Briefing paper 4: Graham Gordon looks at human flourishing and governance

Human Flourishing And The Environment

Briefing paper 5: Ian Christie looks at human flourishing and environment

Christianity, Climate Change and Sustainable Living

Nick Spencer and Bob White offer a detailed perspective on Christianity and Sustainability.

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