There is no such thing as a neutral education. All teaching, like all knowledge, carries with it particular conceptions of the good. An education system should reflect the breadth of its public, rather than a narrow secular ideology.

For these reasons, Theos believes that Christianity should be able to flourish within our education system, not simply in a Religious Education silo, but within the system itself.

Theos’ research looks at faith schools and the education system as a whole and argues that for principled as well as practical reasons, Christianity has a crucial role to play in the future of the education in Britain.

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More than an Educated Guess: Assessing the evidence on faith schools

A summary and analysis of existing evidence relating to schools with a religious character.

More than an Educated Guess: a Response to the British Humanist Association

Theos' response to the British Humanist Association's paper, 'Worse than an Educated Guess'

Doing God in Education

Trevor Cooling explores how to 'do God' in education.

Mapping the Field

A review of the current research evidence on the impact of schools with a Christian ethos

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