Sport & Leisure

Sport has sometimes been used, sometimes abused, but more often ignored by the Church and Christian thinking. But a recent upsurge in interest coincides with rapid changes in sport itself. It is no longer seen as leisure, but as multi-billion dollar multinational industrial sector in its own right.

Predictably, sport attracts more and more public attention. Politicians make big claims on sport, and use it as a policy tool for producing all sorts of social goods, even claiming it can drive economic development.

Theos believes that sport shouldn’t be burdened with more than it can deliver. Our work uses Christian thinking to better understand the place of sport in society.

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The State of Play

Paul Bickley explores the experiences of Christian professional athletes and chaplains to provide a theological account of sport

Give us our Ball Back

Reclaiming Sport for the Common Good

The National Lottery

In this report, Paul Bickley discusses whether the National Lottery is progressive.

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