Christian scriptures and tradition place ‘love of neighbour’ alongside ‘love of God’ as foundational to human life. Accordingly, the welfare of others is a central concern of the church and Christian thought.

Ideas relating to the form that should take have changed over time. The debate over what form welfare should take is an intense one today, but it is often conducted in economic rather than ethical terms.

Theos believes that religiously-inspired welfare activity is enormously important within contemporary Britain. Our work has looked at the theoretical issues, such as the ‘moral logic’ of welfare, as well as the practical realities of welfare and voluntary activity on the ground.

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Mapping Chaplaincy in Norfolk: A Report

Chaplains are increasingly the face of public religion. This report explores the chaplaincy landscape in Norfolk.

Christianity and Mental Health: Theology, Activities, Potential

A report into what Christian groups are doing to address mental health today.

Doing Good Better: The Case for Faith-based Social Innovation

This report examines how faith organisations are responding to social need in innovative ways, and asks what can be learnt from them.

Doing Good: A Future for Christianity in the 21st Century

Theos launches 'Doing Good', a report on the future of Christianity, drawing on a decade of research.

Christian Funders and Grant-Making: An Analysis

This report offers new analysis about who Christian funding organisations are and what they are doing.

Catholic Social Thought and Catholic Charities in Britain Today

This new research analyses Catholic charities in Britain, looking at how far they embody Catholic Social Thought in their practices.

Keeping the Faith: A Guide for Faith-Based Organisations

A user-friendly guide, supporting faith-based organisations in integrating faith into high quality services and charitable initiatives.

The Problem of Proselytism

Our newest report argues that there's little evidence that religious charities proselytize as part of their community action.

A Very Modern Ministry: Chaplaincy in the UK

Ben Ryan analyses the scope and importance of chaplaincy in the UK today

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