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Young Adult Formation in the UK Today

Young Adult Formation in the UK Today

This research project explores what formative programmes are influencing young adults in the United Kingdom today. (Upcoming)

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Current research shows that young adults are more likely to be religiously unaffiliated than ever before. In a context where religion is becoming less prevalent amongst those aged 35 and under, what influences are formative and how might Christian groups and programmes be most impactful in contributing to the healthy formation of vision and values of the next generation?

‘Formation in the UK Today’ is a partnership project between Theos and the Society of Jesus. It will explore how formative programmes are reaching young adults, whether Christian organisations and programmes feature prominently within this sphere and what this looks like in practice. 

This project is helpful to the Church and society more broadly in terms of engaging with questions of how young adults are shaped (and are shaping) future society.

Our central objectives are to:

  • Form a definition of formation that is reflective and inclusive of a range of (Catholic, Christian and non–Christian) formative experiences.
  • Provide an overview of what schemes and programmes are currently shaping young people.
  • Qualitatively assess what programs have proved most appealing to young people, and effective at shaping their values and behaviours, and what lessons that could hold for future programmes.

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    Katherine Ajibade

    Katherine Ajibade

    Katherine joined Theos in June 2018. She holds a BA in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics from Kings College London and a MSc in Social Anthropology: Religion in the Contemporary World from LSE. Her research interests centre on the Anthropology of Christianity, religious and social transformation and ethnographic accounts of religion. 

    Formation, Identity, Vocation, Young Adults


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