The Church and the Charter

Thomas Andrew explores the forgotten Christian contributions to our most iconic legal document - Magna Carta

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God and Mrs Thatcher

Nick Spencer interviews Dr Eliza Filby on her recent book "God and Mrs Thatcher: The Battle for Britain's Soul".

Religion and Power

Ben Ryan interviews Professor David Martin on his book Religion and Power

Why We Believe and Why We Don’t - an interview with Prof. Graham Ward

Nick Spencer talks to Prof. Graham Ward about what makes belief believable

Exodus: Gods, Kings and Politics

As a new Biblical blockbuster is released, Nick Spencer talks to John Coffey about how the story of Exodus has transformed Western politics.

It’s intelligence all the way down

Nick Spencer talks to Rowan Williams about the enduring struggle of how to talk about God.

There is an alternative

Nick Spencer talks to Clifford Longley about his newTheos report: Just Money

Politics, morality and the media

Nick Spencer speaks to Peter Oborne for Third Way Magazine.

Critiquing Liberalism from the Inside

Nick Spencer meets Larry Siedentop, author of Inventing the Individual: The Origins of Western Liberalism

What Would Keynes Do?

Nick Spencer talk to the distinguished economic historian Robert Skidelsky about our current economic woes

Daniel Dennett and Jesus Christ

Nick Spencer interviews the US philosopher and atheist Professor Daniel Dennett for Third Way magazine.

Equality, Freedom, and Religion

Nick Spencer interviews Roger Trigg about his new book, examining the legal situation with regard to religious freedom

What Money Can't Buy

Nick Spencer speaks to Professor Michael Sandel about the moral limits of markets

Labour Pains

Nick Spencer interviews Maurice Glasman, the controversial social thinker who coined the term ‘blue Labour’.

Society Rules

Nick Spencer speaks to influential "Red Tory" Phillip Blond.

Worth reading

Nick Spencer interviews John Carey

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