Theos is a think tank which believes you can’t understand the modern world without understanding religion. We seek to inform the debate about the place of religion in society, challenging ill-informed thinking through our research, events and media comment.


An evening with David Goodhart  

We are delighted to be hosting an evening event with David Goodhart discussing post-liberalism and the future for British politics.


Just Money: How Catholic Social Teaching can Redeem Capitalism

Clifford Longley lays out a fresh approach to economics based on Catholic Social Teaching

Theos Team Blog

Fundamentalist economics and Cretan restaurants

Clifford Longley reflects on neoliberal capitalism and striving for the common good

Religion in the Media

Christian school 'downgraded for failing to invite an imam to lead assembly'

Christian group warns ‘British values’ rules imposed after Trojan Horse scandal leading to schools with a religious ethos being marked down - Telegraph