Theos is a Christian think tank which believes you can’t understand the modern world without understanding religion. We seek to inform the debate about the place of religion in society, challenging ill-informed thinking through our research, events and media comment.


The EU - Remain or Leave?

Join Ben Ryan and the Rt Hon Caroline Spelman MP for an EU referendum debate and panel discussion, 8th June 2016.


Religion and Well-being: Assessing the Evidence

It is often reported that religion is good for 'well-being'. This report evaluates the evidence from nearly 140 academic studies.

Theos Team Blog

Religion good for wellbeing SHOCK. But why?

Nick Spencer writes about Theos' latest report, and why religion might be good for wellbeing

Religion in the Media

"Does 'religious freedom' include Muslims?"

'Conservative Christians are struggling with how to apply religious freedom to other faiths — like Islam' - NPR