Theos is a Christian think tank which believes you can’t understand the modern world without understanding religion. We seek to inform the debate about the place of religion in society, challenging ill-informed thinking through our research, events and media comment.

The Territories of Science and Religion

Nick Spencer interviews Peter Harrison about the apparent clash between science and religion, and reviews his latest book.

Who wants a Christian coronation?

Nick Spencer discusses our latest report, which shows that 57% of Britons want a Christian ceremony at the next coronation


Capital, inequality and the absence of war

Nick Spencer asks whether we should find solace in Thomans Piketty's bestselling Capital in the 21st Century


To sing or not to sing?

Would you sing a national anthem you disagreed with? Tell us in this quick quiz for a chance to receive a free Theos report


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Does Humanism need Christianity?

We bring leading Christian and Humanist thinkers together to discuss what Humanism can learn from Christianity


Who wants a Christian coronation?

Should the next coronation be Christian, secular or multi-faith? This report analyses new research about what the public actually thinks.

Theos Team Blog

Invisible immigrants: asylum seekers in UK detention centres

As Britain faces the challenge of responding to the migrant crisis, often overlooked are asylum seekers held in immigration detention centres

Religion in the Media

Church joins forces with Twitter to broadcast live services

Church services will be broadcast live online due to a partnership between the Church of England and Twitter - Premier