The Death of God and the War on Terror

2016: Terry Eagleton, Distinguished Professor of English Literature at Lancaster University, delivers the ninth annual Theos lecture

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We host a number of events throughout the year with a range of prestigious speakers. Join us to take part in the latest debates on religion, society and politics.

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Giving everyone some money: A Christian thing to do?

A conversation with Dr. Malcolm Torry, Director of Citizen's Income Trust on the idea of a 'basic income' for everyone

Raising funds for Christian Charities and Churches

Join Theos' Acting Director Nick Spencer and Ben Ryan for a unique one-day conference on funding and fundraising for Christian causes

The English: who are they and what do they want?

Profs. Robert Tombs and Michael Kenny will join us to explore the increasingly important debate about the nature of Englishness today.

The Autumn Catholic Charity Seminar

John Ben Ryan for the Autumn Catholic Charity Seminar in London, hosted by guest sponsors Smith & Williamson

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