A Soul for the Union

A report on the problem of Europe, and how to put a "soul" back in the Union.


The Church and the Charter

Thomas Andrew explores the forgotten Christian contributions to our most iconic legal document - Magna Carta

About Theos Think Tank

Theos is a Christian think tank working in the area of religion, politics and society. We aim to inform debate around questions of faith and secularism and the related subjects of values and identity. We were launched in November 2006, and our first report "Doing God"; a Future for Faith in the Public Square  written by Nick Spencer examined the reasons why faith will play an increasingly significant role in public life.

1. What Theos stands for

In our post-secular age, interest in spirituality is increasing across Western culture. Faith is on the agenda of both government and the media. Our increasingly religiously diverse society demands that we grapple with religion as a significant force in public policy and our wider public life. In the arts, humanities and social sciences there are important intellectual developments currently taking place around questions of values and identity. Theos speaks into this context. We believe that it is impossible to understand the modern world without an understanding of religion. We also believe that much of the debate about the role and place of religion has been unnecessarily emotive and ill-informed. We reject the notion of any possible 'neutral' perspective on these issues.  

2. What Theos works on

Theos conducts research, publishes reports, and runs debates, seminars and lectures on the intersection of religion, politics and society in the contemporary world. We also provide regular comment for print and broadcast media. Recent areas of analysis include multiculturalism, Christian education, religious liberty and the future of religious representation in the House of Lords. Future areas of focus will include religion and the law, questions of values in economic policy and practice and the role of religion in international affairs. You can see a full list of past reports here.

3. What Theos provides

Theos offers

  • regular seminars, conferences, debates and lectures
  • a programme of research and publishing 
  • comment, information and analysis to media companies, parliamentarians and policy makers.
  • regular email bulletins with updates on the field. 

In addition to our independently driven work, Theos provides research, analysis and advice to individuals and organisations across the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Our unique position within the think tank sector means that we have the capacity to develop proposals that carry values - with an eye to demonstrating what really works. Our staff and consultants have strong public affairs experience, an excellent research track record and a high level of theological literacy. 

4. What Theos believes

Theos was launched with the support of the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, but it is independent of any particular denomination. We are an ecumenical Christian organisation, committed to the belief that religion in general and Christianity in particular has much to offer for the common good of society as a whole. We are committed to the traditional creeds of the Christian faith and draw on social and political thought from a wide range of theological traditions. We also work with many non-christian and non-religious individuals and organisations.