How to think about religious freedom

Nick Spencer cuts through the complexities of religion and law to give a clear and judicious overview of what is at stake.

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Theos is a think tank which believes you can't understand the modern world without understanding religion. We seek to inform the debate about the place of religion in society, challenging religious illiteracy and false assumptions through our research, events and media comment.

Events Archive

Theos Conference: God and Government

What does Christian thought have to say about the role of government in Britain today?


What Would Keynes Do?

Nick Spencer talk to the distinguished economic historian Robert Skidelsky about our current economic woes

Press Releases

Welfare state dead in a generation, a quarter of British adults think

As David Cameron defends his “moral mission” against Cardinal Nichols accusations of welfare cuts being neither “moral nor fair”, new research reveals that a quarter (24%) of British adults think the welfare state will not exist “in any for

Upcoming Events

Atheists: The Origin of the Species

Join Nick Spencer and the Theos team for an evening of discussion about Nick's new book: Atheists: The Origin of the Species

Video & Audio

Theos Conference: God and Government Plenary Lectures

Nick Spencer - Voting, Values and Virtue and Jonathan Chaplin - How to do Theology in Public

Theos Team Blog

"Muslim infiltration of education": it's not about faith schools

Paul Bickley argues against a knee jerk reaction to alledged "taking over" of Birmingham schools by Muslims


Upcoming Church Urban Fund research

Theos have been working with the Church Urban Fund to explore the social impact of the local church.

Book Reviews

Ruling the Void: The Hollowing out of Western Democracy

Nick Spencer reviews Ruling the Void: The Hollowing out of Western Democracy by Peter Mair

Darwin Project

Rescuing Darwin data set

The full tables of data relating to the Rescuing Darwin project can be accessed here.

Media Monitoring

Britons hostile to religion, survey shows

New Gallup poll shows Britons less positive about religion than world average- The Times (£)

Theos in the Media

David Cameron: Big Society 'invented by Jesus'

Claiming a lengthy precedent for his Big Society policy, the prime minister tells church members he wants to "see more of it" - Channel 4