The Mighty and the Almighty: How Political Leaders Do God

A book exploring how different Christian politicians have used (and abused) religion in their politics. Read the introduction online here.

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Christian Funders and Grant-Making: An Analysis


8th November 2016


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The Christian charitable sector is growing, and playing an increasingly important role in a wide range of services in the UK.
There has, however, been little analysis of the Christian funding sector, which is critical in supporting the Christian – and indeed wider – charitable world.
This report looks specifically at who Christian funders are, what they are doing, and what the future of the sector might look like.
Drawing on data analysis from the Charity Commission website and on a range of in-depth interviews with both funders and grant recipients, it begins by mapping the field of Christian funding, looking at the size, denomination, areas of focus and grant sizes of 268 different funders.
The report goes on to analyse these factors in greater detail, exploring critical questions about the ethos and theological basis of Christian grant making, as well as the practical issues facing the sector as a whole.
The report ends with a set of conclusions and recommendations regarding the present and future of this major and vital sector.
Ben Ryan is a Researcher at Theos