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Theos stimulates the debate about the place of religion in society, challenging and changing ideas through research, commentary and events.

Why we exist

Why we exist

Too often, opinions about religion are ill–informed. Our work is for everyone who wants to go beneath the surface, behind the headlines, beyond the superficial and common misconceptions.

What we do

Research is at our core. To date, we’ve published over 50 reports on big issues impacting UK society, from faith–based social action to multiculturalism. We also host debates, seminars and lectures – on religion, politics and society, in the contemporary world.

Theos’ advice and analysis is shaping the hearts and minds of politicians, policy makers, academics and journalists. You’ll often hear and see us on the news, or quoted in the press. Our work is rigorous, stimulating intelligent debate, and starting new conversations – conversations that are constructive and vibrant, diverse and informed.

What we believe

We believe Christianity is a force for good in society. We reject the notion that faith is part of the problem. Faith helps the UK to flourish.

Why we exist

In our work, we strive to be —


Stimulating intelligent, dynamic debate. We want to inspire thoughtful people to engage with our conviction that faith can be a force for good.


All we do is rooted in thorough research and analysis. Our rigour means we can express an informed view with confidence.


Theos is a balanced Christian voice in an unsettled world. We work independently from any church, encouraging a sensible conversation around faith.

Why we exist

How we are funded

We are committed to transparency in our funding.

Theos is part of the British and Foreign Bible Society, from which it receives around half of its core funding. The majority of our published research is funded by charitable trusts, such as the William Leech Research Fellowships, the Halley Stewart Trust, Laing Family Trusts and Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts. This is always acknowledged on the research itself, except when a funder has requested otherwise.

We provide consultancy research to a range of clients, and also run a Friends and Associates programme so that individuals can support us through regular giving. Our Annual Lecture is sponsored by CCLA, which is an investment fund for charities, churches and the public sector and owned by its clients. We do not receive funding from government, corporations or religious denominations, except as clients. Please do get in touch if you have any further questions.

Where we sit

Theos is a Christian think tank, committed to the belief that religion in general and Christianity in particular has much to offer for the common good.

We launched in 2006, with support from the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster, but remain independent of any particular denomination. 

Theos employs and works with people from other faiths and none. 

We are not aligned with any point on the party political spectrum, believing that Christian social and political thought cuts across these distinctions.


Theos is an inspired idea – and fills a big gap in our culture.

Edward Stourton, BBC journalist

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