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Theos researches and investigates the intersection of religion, politics and society in the contemporary world.

Theos Internships

  • Role

    Research, Communications and Events Assistant

  • Time Period

    6 Months

  • Hours

    37.5 Hours Per Week

  • Location

    Remote (working from home)

  • Pay

    London Living Wage

Theos offers 6 month long, full time, paid internships for a Research, Communications and Events Assistant. This position is subject to availability.

Please see the job description below for details about the role.


We receive hundreds of applications every year but we cannot respond individually unless you have been shortlisted for interview.

All applicants must have legal rights to work in the UK before they apply for the role. Please do not apply if you do not already have full legal rights to work here. Theos cannot offer sponsorship or any support for obtaining visas.

Please note that we are also unable to provide accommodation or cover travel expenses. It is the responsibility of an Intern to find and fund these.

For other frequently asked questions, see below.

See the full job description here. 

Frequently asked questions about our internships

1.      Do I need to have a postgraduate degree to apply for an internship?  

We are currently primarily looking for people with Masters level degrees in a related subject (e.g., theology, politics, history, sociology, English literature, economics).  However, if you feel you have equivalent professional experience in research, communications or events please do get in touch.  We’d like to hear about it!   

2.      Do I need to supply references when applying?  

No. If we do require references from an applicant we will ask for them.  

3.      What type of work would I be doing?   

This depends on which projects you are assigned.  A good proportion of research work is likely to be web–based, examining the results of surveys and other data.  You would also likely be doing a lot of reading around the subject, both in the media and in relevant books.  Almost all our projects also involve conducting interviews, so you would likely be spending a significant amount of time identifying and approaching people to speak to for your project(s).  On the communications and events side, it would be assisting with whatever needs doing – website and social media management, podcast production assistance, event management. With any area of our work you may be asked to help out with general administrative duties like diary management and data input.   

4.      Is there generally a routine to work at Theos?   

Whilst much of our work is office based, and so has a routine of its own, work is subject to change depending on the time of year and the lifecycle of particular projects.  For example, if deadlines are especially tight, some staff members are asked to help others with particular tasks to lighten the load, and when we hold events or need to do mass mail–outs, we all pitch in!  It’s important to be flexible and able to balance different tasks at once.      

5.      Would I be required to travel or work outside normal working hours?  

Fieldwork is currently happening remotely so the role shouldn’t involve travel. However if pandemic related restrictions lift during the course of the internship this may be required if relevant to a research project.  

You would be expected to attend Theos’ own events, which are currently held online (without current restrictions, they would be held at our offices in London and sometimes elsewhere), for which you can claim time off in lieu (TOIL), proportionate to the time spent at the event.      

6.      Where would I be interviewed for an internship?  

Currently, via a digital platform.   

7.      When will I receive my contract and salary information?  

Theos itself doesn’t issue any employee contracts – this is done by Bible Society’s HR team. HR are unable to generate a contract until a candidate has accepted a position and provided the necessary paper work – but – interns are paid an hourly rate [the current London Living Wage which goes up yearly] and for the days they work each month. The take home pay will therefore vary each month as there are a different amount of days for each month.  Another factor which can affect the pay, will be when the intern is auto enrolled into the pension after 3 months.  

8.  What is the best way to get to know the mission of Theos? 

Obviously keep an eye on the topical issues we discuss on our website and in our podcasts, but we’d encourage you to read three of our reports in particular: Doing Good: A Future for Christianity in the 21st Century“Doing God”: A Future for Faith in the Public Square and Talking God: The Legitimacy of Religious Public Reasoning.

 What do past Research Assistants say?

‘Working at Theos has been formative, and the experience will go with me for the rest of my life. The work is subtle and stimulating and the team is incredibly talented and person–focused. The opportunity to support and contribute to Theos’ output – and work in such a team – is invaluable for anyone looking to experience the intersection of public discourse, journalism, and academia. I thoroughly recommend applying, and in any way developing a relationship with this fantastic organisation.’
— Joseph

‘Learning on the ground, discussing issues, meeting Theos connections, gaining exposure to ideas and issues I’d never considered – the experience gave language and reasoned perspectives to my intuitive feelings about the place of faith in society.’
— Gillian

‘I liked how helpful and supportive the team were in helping me get the most out of my internship.  It helped me see how many different ways practical elements of Christian theology are being applied in wider society and made me aware of lots of great initiatives.’
— Clare

‘The chance to write has been excellent. The internship is a good introduction to office life in a pleasant and supportive atmosphere.’
— Hannah

‘The responsibility given and autonomous ‘owning’ of projects/pieces is encouraged. This is really something that sets Theos apart from other organisations. I especially appreciated the convivial, ‘open’ feel to the office, where conversations can be had and ideas discussed freely across desks.  I’ve come to respect hugely the open–mindedness and balance with which Theos approaches highly contentious topics, ideas and news.’
– Henry

Where do Research Assistants go after leaving Theos?

Further study, academic research
Church of England
The Centre for Theology and Community
Catholic Parliamentary Internship
Bible Society
Environmental Activism

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