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'On Rock or Sand?' study guide

'On Rock or Sand?' study guide

On Rock or Sand?, edited by Archbishop John Sentamu, made front-page news when it was published by SPCK in January 2015. 

The Telegraph described it as ‘a stark assessment of the state of Britain in the run-up to the election’, while The Evening Standard said:

On Rock or Sand?... is in fact a collection of essays by assorted experts, and it’s got lots of concrete recommendations. But it’s bigger than that; it’s about articulating the basis on which the state rests... The book is a vivid reminder of the forgotten but obvious truth that most progressive British politics, from Wilberforce to Joseph Rowntree, have had a squarely Christian origin.

The book continues to generate much debate as we approach the general election in May. However, it was never simply intended to help people make more informed decisions in the voting booth, but to stimulate thought and action on issues that will remain with us long after the election has passed.

Paul Bickley has written a study guide for SPCK, which is now offered as a free resource for discussion groups and individuals who would like to develop a more thoughtful approach to, and engagement with, the issues addressed by the book. The guide provides key quotations and chapter-by-chapter summaries of the book’s main arguments, plus key passages from the Bible and a range of questions to encourage further thought and action.

The study guide is available here:

Image by David Dawson

Posted 14 April 2015

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