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Tom McLeish: Faith, Wisdom and Science

Tom McLeish: Faith, Wisdom and Science

Loud voices declare that science has conclusively dismissed the possibility of God through repeated waves of discovery: the underlying laws of physics, the ancient beginnings of the cosmos and the earth, the evolution of species, the chemical basis of the brain… but is this the right conclusion? What does history say? What do the most far–sighted scientists say? And what does theology actually say?

Tom McLeish is Professor of Physics at Durham University, an Anglican Reader and a Fellow of the Royal Society. His acclaimed book Faith and Wisdom in Science takes a scientist’s reading of the Old Testament’s Book of Job and uses this ancient text as a centrepiece to make the case for science as a deeply human and ancient activity. Drawing on stories from the modern science of chaos and uncertainty, alongside medieval, patristic, classical and Biblical sources, Tom challenges much of the current “science and religion” debate as operating with the wrong assumptions and in the wrong space.

Listen below to Tom discussing his new book in an interview with Eleanor Puttock. You can also listen to podcasts of Tom’s lecture on his book at Theos here.


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