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The Sacred #1: Jonathan Rowson

The Sacred #1: Jonathan Rowson

The Sacred is a podcast about the things we cherish and hold dear to us. In episode 1, we speak to Jonathan Rowson, director of Perspectiva, about his religious and spiritual past.

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Jonathan Rowson is a Scottish Chess grandmaster, an author, and the director of Perspectiva, an organisation that aims to “research the relationship between complex global challenges and the inner lives of human beings and highlight why this matters in society”.

In the first episode of The Sacred, hosted by Elizabeth Oldfield, Jonathan talks about his religious and spiritual past, how chess helped him make sense of himself, and how talking to people of faith made him reevaluate his own.

We also catch up with Theos’ head of research, Nick Spencer, on his new book The Political Samaritan. He talks about how the parable has been hijacked by politicians from all spheres of the conversation, and how this tale has helped shape contemporary British politics.

The Sacred is produced by Hussein Kesvani and No Country Media.

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Elizabeth Oldfield

Elizabeth Oldfield

Elizabeth is host of The Sacred podcast. She was Theos’ Director from August 2011 – July 2021. She appears regularly in the media, including BBC One, Sky News, and the World Service, and writing in The Financial Times.

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Posted 8 December 2017

Atheism, Christianity, Faith, Human Rights, Identity, Liberalism, Multiculturalism, Politics


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