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Nick Spencer in conversation with Guy Stagg

Nick Spencer in conversation with Guy Stagg

In this special podcast, Theos Senior Fellow Nick Spencer talks to Guy Stagg about mental illness, his 2,000 mile pilgrimage from Canterbury to Jerusalem, and his book The Crossway.

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Nick Spencer interviews Guy Stagg about his new book ‘The Crossway’ (2018).

In 2013 Guy Stagg made a pilgrimage from Canterbury to Jerusalem. Though a non–believer, he began the journey after suffering several years of mental illness, hoping the ritual would heal him. For ten months he hiked alone on ancient paths, crossing ten countries and more than 5,500 kilometres. The Crossway is an account of this extraordinary adventure.

The interview was recorded at Theos offices in December 2018.

The Crossway is published by Picador at £16.99



Nick Spencer

Nick Spencer

Nick is Senior Fellow at Theos. He is the author of a number of books and reports, including Magisteria: the entangled histories of science and religion (Oneworld, 2023), The Political Samaritan: how power hijacked a parable (Bloomsbury, 2017), The Evolution of the West (SPCK, 2016) and Atheists: The Origin of the Species (Bloomsbury, 2014). He is host of the podcast Reading Our Times.

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Posted 8 February 2019

Media, Mental Health, Pilgrimage, Spirituality, Vatican


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