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Theos – Doing God

Theos – Doing God

20 years since Alastair Campbell said ‘we don’t do God’, Theos have released a short film exploring the prominence of religion in the news. 15/06/2023

In the 20 years since Alastair Campbell famously said during Tony Blair’s premiership ‘we don’t do God’, faith has found itself at the heart of some of the biggest news stories and public conversations. 

From the 7/7 bombings to the Queen’s funeral, from the January 6th insurrection to the UK’s first Hindu prime minister. Far from receding alongside declining levels of religious belief, faith has at times – and perhaps surprisingly – featured on the front pages. 

What does belief look like in politics, culture and the arts today and what is – and has been – the role of a religion and society think tank such as Theos in putting forward a credible case for faith in public life?

Spoken word written and performed by writer/novelist Rhidian Brook
Video produced by Owl In Space


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