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House of Broken Bread: A Christmas Poem

House of Broken Bread: A Christmas Poem

Enjoy this reworking of the classic Christmas carol ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’, written, performed and produced by the Theos team. 19/12/2023

In a world struck by war, conflict and strife, Christmas and the message it brings remains a time of hope for many across the world. Not an ignorant hope. Nor one that fails to recognise the legitimate hardships people face. Rather it is a hope born of solidarity, shared suffering, and the knowledge that love wins in the end.

Words – House of Broken Bread

[Verse 1]

O little town of Bethlehem
How still we see thee lie
Beyond thy bleak and dreamless sleep
The deathly comets fly
And in your torn streets, haunted
By visions of the dead,
The walls don’t shield and can’t rebuild
A house of broken bread 

[Verse 2] 

O mourning souls, together
We feel the shining pain
A sacred light that’s seeping out,
Tracing the next bloodstain
For light burns bright in darkness
And in this world of sin
The tears and tears, the cracks and fears
Are how the light gets in 

[Verse 3] 

How vulnerably, how painfully
Your mothers now give birth,
As Ramah weeps and Rachel breaks 
Her body on the earth 
No ear may hear her sorrow
But in that deep release
A requiem of beauty still 
Whispers its song of peace 

[Verse 4] 

O suffering child of Bethlehem
Whose wounds are always fresh
As love weeps from your ragged skin   
And hope is housed in flesh
A newborn birthing all things new
When brokenness you rend
Where ruins stand and tears are stopped
And death is not the end


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