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Rebooting capitalism

Rebooting capitalism

Dr Eve Poole discusses the evolution of market capitalism and offers some alternatives. 16th November 2017, 6.30 for 7pm

In Science, no–one believes the earth is flat any more. Economists, on the other hand, haven’t budged from their original worldview. 

Market capitalism depends on seven big ideas: competition, the ‘invisible hand’, utility, agency theory, pricing, shareholder value, and limited liability. These served the world well in the past, but over the years they have become cancerous, and are slowly killing the system as a whole. If you zoom in on any of these firm foundations, they start to blur and wobble.

In this talk, Eve Poole will demystify the essence of prevailing economic thought and offer alternative views for a healthier system. Because the market is just a mass of messages about supply and demand, the rich world shapes the market in its image, because it has more ‘votes’. So if we want to change the way things are, we don’t need to wait for the experts, we can start now, by using our votes more strategically.

Dr Eve Poole teaches leadership for Ashridge Business School. She has a BA from Durham, an MBA from Edinburgh, and a PhD in theology and capitalism from Cambridge. Recent books are Capitalism’s Toxic Assumptions and Leadersmithing. She blogs for the St Paul’s Institute and the William Temple Foundation. She Chairs Gordonstoun School in Moray, and Faith in Business at Ridley Hall in Cambridge.

Image from Pexels available under this Creative Commons Licence

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