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Fiction or Gospel truth: can good stories tell a godly story?

Fiction or Gospel truth: can good stories tell a godly story?

Dr Paula Gooder and George Pitcher spoke at Theos on 4th December about the purpose of story–telling and the relationship between truth and fiction.

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Full audio of this event can be found below:

It’s been called “the greatest story ever told” and it is undoubtedly true that, even in a more secular age and one in which biblical literacy is lower than it’s been for years, story tellers – story–tellers, script–writers, film–makers – are consistently drawn to the Bible.

But how do you go about telling the good story. Do you imitate or recreate? Do you retell or revise? Is it ever right to try to tell new stories in an attempt to shed fresh light on the Bible’s originals? How far should you go?

Both New Testament scholar Dr Paula Gooder, and Anglican priest and journalist George Pitcher have written ‘good stories’, which draw on the ‘God story’. They will discuss the nature and purpose of story–telling, from the gospels to contemporary fiction, in an attempt to illuminate the relationship between truth and fiction.

George Pitcher is a writer and currently Rector of a rural parish in East Sussex. He has just published his first novel, A Dark Nativity.

Paula Gooder is a writer and the Director of Mission Learning and Development for the Birmingham Diocese. She has just finished a story based on Pauline Christianity due for publication next year.

Image by Abhi Sharma from Flickr available under this Creative Commons Licence

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