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Why might spiritual features of life be the secret to saving the world?

Why might spiritual features of life be the secret to saving the world?

On 21 February 2018, philosopher Jonathan Rowson spoke at the Theos offices about why people hoping to make the world a better place need to pay attention to spirituality.

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Philosopher, Director of Perspectiva and three–time British chess champion Dr Jonathan Rowson argues that cultivating “spiritual sensibility” across society is essential for solving the world’s most complex political problems – and that the spiritual could and should be pivotal in this process.

In his recent publication Spiritualise, co–published by the RSA and Perspectiva, Rowson argues that our public debates aren’t working because we are far too coy about discussing human nature, meaning and purpose. He believes that spiritual matters underpin all of our most urgent shared living questions – how we wake up, grow up and wise up to the challenges of our time, not least the slow death of democracy, technological overreach and ecological insanity.

Rowson spoke at Theos on 21 February with Theos director Elizabeth Oldfield. He discussed the crises he sees facing our society today and why personal spiritual growth is essential for resolving them.   

Watch the full video below. To turn on the sound, hover over the video and click the speaker symbol; or rightclick on the video and select ‘Unmute’. If you cannot see the video controls when you hover over the video, refresh the page and try again.

Image by Plaits, under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Jonathan Rowson

Jonathan Rowson

Jonathan is a philosopher. He is Director of the thinktank Perspectiva, an Open Society Fellow and a three–time British chess champion.

77 Great Peter Street
London SW1P 2EZ

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