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City of God? The Desecularisation of the City

City of God? The Desecularisation of the City

David Goodhew will join Theos’ Paul Bickley for a conversation on the power and profile of churches in London.

In what has been described as an “unrelenting decline”, the numbers of people professing affiliation with the Church of England has halved since 1983. Just 2% of young people aged 18–24 would call themselves Anglicans, and across the UK fewer people than ever now describe themselves as belonging to any particular religion.

Meanwhile, the number of Christian congregations in London has risen by 50% since 1979.

How do we explain this paradox?

Together with Anthony–Paul Cooper, David Goodhew has edited The Desecularisation of the City: London’s Churches, 1980 to the Present, a major new study of our capital’s congregations. It explores the varied experiences of London churches, and challenges the received wisdom that cities are at the extreme end of an increasingly secular nation.

David Goodhew will be in conversation with Paul Bickley, Research Fellow at Theos. They will discuss the power and profile of churches in London and the challenges and opportunities that come with increased religious observance and diversity.

David Goodhew is the Director of Ministerial Practice Cranmer Hall, part of St Johns College, Durham University and oversees the Centre for Church Growth Research.

The event will be held at Theos, 77 Great Peter Street, SW1P 2EZ on Thursday 16 May, doors open 6.30 for 7pm. Q&A and refreshments will follow the discussion.

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