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Religion and Violence: what is the connection?

Religion and Violence: what is the connection?

Authors Rupert Shortt and Ziya Meral tackle the difficult question, what is the connection between religion and violence?

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“Religion causes violence.”

It’s an idea with seemingly universal currency, driven home painfully over recent years with the emergence of Islamic terrorism in the Middle East and beyond.

But how far this is it true – and, just as important, how far it is necessarily true?

Rupert Shortt is an acclaimed author whose latest book Does Religion Do More Harm than Good? explores the way in which religious traditions are shaped by social and political circumstances, for good and ill.

Ziya Meral is a researcher specialising on religion, security and global affairs, and whose book How Violence Shapes Religion, explore the relationship between belief and conflict in the Middle East and Africa.

Between them Rupert and Ziya are superbly equipped to tackle a difficult question that is all too often beset by caricature and lack of nuance.

The event will be held at Theos, 77 Great Peter Street, SW1P 2EZ on Thursday 23 May, doors open 6.30 for 7pm. Q&A and refreshments will follow the discussion.

Church House Bookshop will be selling books by the two speakers during the evening.

Theos, 77 Great Peter Street
London SW1P 2EZ

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