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Give Us Our Ball Back 2021 – Making the Game Beautiful Again

Give Us Our Ball Back 2021 – Making the Game Beautiful Again

With Euro 2021 about to kick off, and the football world still reeling from the Super League, we ask how football can serve the common good.

You can watch the event recording here: 

Join us for this 45 minute conversation as we re–visit our former research on football and society ‘Give Us Our Ball Back’, and look at how the sport has changed since 2012. 

Theos researchers (and football fans) Paul Bickley and Hannah Rich will  be talking with The Football Ramble’s Marcus Speller about a range of issues: the continued rise of football as big business, shifting patterns of engagement with the game, and what we can do to make football better. 

The Theos report Give Us Our Ball Back examined the common good and the beautiful game, providing a theological appraisal of sport It makes several proposals with a view to sport taking a different but still essential place in society – reclaimed from the social, political and economic agendas of the age for the common good.

With football becoming more entrenched since 2012 as a business, and the Super League seemingly threatening football as we know it, we will look at the new state of play, and examine how to recapture the true beauty of the game. 

You can download the report here. Zoom webinar link will be sent upon registering.

Thursday 17th June

12:30pm start

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 Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

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