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Theos at How The Light Gets In Festival

Theos at How The Light Gets In Festival

Join the Theos team at this year’s How The Light Gets In London Festival. 04/09/2023

The economics of almost everything

The Economics of Almost Everything

Saturday 23 September, 12pm 

Productivity isn’t everything, but in the long run, it is almost everything” claimed economist Paul Krugman. Driven by lifechanging technologies, productivity – the average level of output for each hour worked – improved dramatically across the developed world throughout the 20th century. But since the 2008 financial crisis, despite computerisation and the internet, productivity growth in many countries has been low, static, or even falling; threatening living standards and social unrest.Has something gone fundamentally wrong and will the 20th century prove to be a unique event? Is tech itself the problem, encouraging pointless activity, or would we be more productive if we worked less? More radically, is the mistake to focus on narrow definitions of productivity and output in the first place, and should we instead change how we value our activities and our time?Yale Law School Professor Daniel Markovits, Chief Economics Commentator at the FT, Martin Wolf, Head of Research at Theos, Madeleine Pennington and Labour Party politician, Angela Eagle, debate how we think about productivity and how we use our lives.

Hilary Lawson hosts.

the god desire

The God Desire

Sunday 24 September, 4pm

Across the globe, many still believe in God and make attempts to prove the existence of a supreme being, but could it be that theistic belief is counter–intuitively itself sufficient proof for God’s non–existence? Is belief in God driven by an underlying human fear of mortality, or does religious belief provide more than just a get–out–of–death free card? Join famed comedian and award–winning author, David Baddiel, in conversation with Chine McDonald, director of the religion think tank Theos, as David unpacks the big questions surrounding mortality, the self, and the supernatural. 


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