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Religion Counts online launch

Religion Counts online launch

An online launch event, hosted by the Religion Media Centre, covering the first two briefings of our Religion Counts research. 13/05/2024

What impact will religion have on the forthcoming general election? 

With almost half the UK population describing themselves as religious, and religious issues dominating global politics,[1] what people believe is going to be a significant factor in determining the politics of Britain. Theos has been researching the ways that religion is likely influence the UK general election, whenever it comes. Between now and then, we will publish a series of briefing papers called Religion Counts. We will also have experts available to offer analysis and commentary on voting patterns amongst religious people.

We can help you to understand…

  • Why people who identify as part of a religion are more likely to vote in the General Election than people who aren’t religious.
  • How voting patterns amongst Roman Catholics in the UK are changing.
  • What are the key issues that influence religious people in deciding how to vote.
  • How Protestant lay people don’t tend to vote the same way as their church leaders.

…and much more.  We will also be exploring Muslim voting patterns in the UK, and how they could change in future.

We would like to invite you to hear the first set of findings at an online launch of Religion Counts on Wednesday 15 May at 1200, hosted by the Religion Media Centre.

To join via this Zoom link. The meeting ID is 891 6972 1165 and the passcode is 682638.

Briefings from the religion and society think tank Theos

Theos, with the assistance of Yinxuan Huang from Bible Societyhas been researching how religious identity and adherence influences a range of factors – where and how people from various religious groups are likely to vote, and their attitudes on key political issues. We will share the research in short reports, available via the Theos website. A significant part of the research will be a new analysis of the British Election Study, a large multi–wave study of voting patterns in the United Kingdom. 

Briefing paper one will be published on Wednesday 15 May. It examines whether voters from different religions backgrounds are more or less likely to vote. Briefing paper two, published on the same day, looks at data on party preference – which parties are people from various religious backgrounds likely to vote for? 

Following that, papers will be published approximately weekly. Briefing paper three will show that religious background influences how people feel about politics, and whether they can make a difference. Briefing paper four begins to look at political values amongst religious voters. Are they to the left or to the right in their thinking? And are they more liberal or more authoritarian?

Further briefings will explore the big political issues of the day such as migration, and national identity – and explore data indicating different values amongst different religious traditions. 

Theos political experts available for interview or written commentary include Head of Political Engagement Paul Bickley, and Political Researcher George Lapshynov

For further information, or to arrange an interview or written piece, please contact Andrew Graystone via or call 07772 710090.


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 [1] According to the latest BES data

Paul Bickley, George Lapshynov and Yinxuan Huang

Paul Bickley, George Lapshynov and Yinxuan Huang

Paul is Head of Political Engagement at Theos. His background is in Parliament and public affairs, and he holds an MLitt from the University of St Andrews’ School of Divinity. See more of his work here.

George is a Researcher at Theos. He holds degrees in International Relations and History & Politics from the University of Glasgow. See more of his work here.

Dr Yinxuan Huang is a Research Manager at the Bible Society. His main research interests are in sociology of religion, Chinese Christianity, East Asian diasporic communities, and survey methodology.


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