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Europe: The moral case for staying

Europe: The moral case for staying

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Ben Ryan wrote an article for The Tablet on the moral basis for staying in the EU. Find the article here

'Only the economic benefits, or lack of them, seem to be discussed. Businessmen and women are queueing up to testify to the importance of the EU to business, trade and employment. Reams of statistics and dire warnings of economic collapse are marshalled in its defence. Similarly, opponents claim that sales growth has slowed because of the single market. No doubt these strategies might convince a few wavering voters.

But this sole emphasis on the economy is far removed from the founding vision of the European project. On 12 July 1952, the West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer told the Bundestag that “the political goal, the political meaning of the European Coal and Steel Community [the starting point for what became the EU] is infinitely larger than its economic purpose”. The political goal he had in mind could just as accurately be referred to as a moral, or even religious, goal.'



Posted 29 January 2016


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