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"Religion and well-being" report presented in Counsel Magazine

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Religion might be thought of as a toxic brand but a recent report by the religion and society think tank Theos evaluated evidence from 139 academic studies conducted over the last three decades which examined the relationship between religion and wellbeing, in a wide range of countries and contexts. It recognised that terms like ‘wellbeing’ and ‘religion’ cover a multitude of subtly different concepts. For example, in the case of the latter, religious affiliation, religious belief and religious participation and the former, mental health, physical health, and health supporting behaviours. The report examined the nuances in the relationship between religion and wellbeing and concluded that religion was indeed good for wellbeing, especially where it involves group participation

Read the full article here.

Mark Hatcher | Counsel Magazine

Image available from Counsel Magazine

Posted 3 October 2016


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