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Christians are deemed to be dangerous, says Tim Farron

Christians are deemed to be dangerous, says Tim Farron

Ahead of our Annual Lecture, The Guardian covers Farron’s view that faith lies at core of liberal values

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Active Christianity is deemed dangerous and offensive, according to Tim Farron, who quit as leader of the Liberal Democrats in July saying he was impossible to be both faithful to the bible and a political leader.

In a speech to be delivered on Tuesday, Farron will say: “If you actively hold a faith that is more than an expression of cultural identity … you are deemed to be far worse than eccentric. You are dangerous. You are offensive.”

Farron, an evangelical Christian, stood down as Lib Dem leader after two years following repeated occasions when he had been asked whether he considered gay sex to be a sin. He avoided giving a direct answer, saying his views on personal morality did not matter and “we are all sinners”.

Read the full article at The Guardian. 

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